Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Favorites: Disney

It's FRIDAY!!!  And today I am linking up over at Momfessionals to bring you some of my FAVORITES! 

I recently shared a day by day look at the Disney vacation our family took in mid November!  I had a great email response from readers asking questions about different details of the trip, so I thought I would turn some of the answers into my Friday Favorites! 

I got a lot of comments about Paisley's Minnie Mouse Robeez both while on the trip and through reader emails!  You can see them in a lot of the pictures!  Paisley just started taking her first steps right before the trip, so I wanted her to have something to wear on her feet.  But her feet are small.  Like really really small.  So real sneakers weren't an option (she wouldn't have kept them on anyway) and I have always loved Robeez for my girls!  I found these Minnie Mouse ones at Nordstrom and ordered them in the 0-6 month size (see I told you her feet were small).  They are ADORABLE!
The older girls needed suitcases for the Disney trip, and my mom found these really adorable FROZEN themed ones at Kohls.  They were perfect for a Disney World trip!  They were big enough to fit a decent amount of clothing (and stuffed animals) but still small enough that the girls could pull them through the airport.  They also fit easily into the overhead compartments on the airplane!

I couldn't do a Disney Favorite post without mentioning our Disney travel agent, Jill! I got quite a few responses about how organized this trip was from our meals to our fast passes - and I definitely owe that to Jill!  She took the stress out of planning!  I was able to plan as much as I wanted (and I really wanted to because I'm a bit of a control freak like that) and then Jill took care of all my questions and all of the details!  It was great!  You can find her on Facebook by clicking HERE!

We did a lot of walking in Disney.  More than a lot!  I ordered these Skechers Go Walk shoes specifically for Disney after reading great reviews on other blogs!  They did not disappoint.  They are truly the most comfortable shoes that I have ever owned!  It's like walking on pillows!  They were much better than wearing a traditional sneaker!  Of course I got them in PINK!  They fit very true to size - I ordered a size 7.5 which is my normal sneaker size.  

If you're not a PINK fan (because I know not everyone likes pink as much as me) they come in a ton of other colors too!
Reef Flip Flops
Other than my Skechers Go Walk Shoes, I wore my Reef Flip Flops!  These flip flops have been a favorite of mine since John got me a pair in the summer of 2006 at a Jersey Shore Surf Shop!  They are the most comfortable flip flops ever.  They also have a pretty convenient bottle opener in the bottom of the shoe if that's important to you!  These I wear in a size 7 - they only come in whole sizes and I am normally a 7.5.  I would recommend sizing down like I do if you are between sizes!

Favorite Disney Meal 
My personal favorite was the character breakfast with Lilo and Stitch at 'Ohana!  The food was the BEST here and I thought the character interaction was really fun!  We also had amazing seats with a gorgeous view of the pool and the water.  The chef here was great too!

Favorite Disney Moment
Blakely's face when she met Cinderella for the first time!

ERGObaby Carrier

At the last minute I remembered that a mom friend had told me how much she had to carry her baby around Disney and how she wished she had taken her baby carrier on the trip!  I was so so so happy I remembered this advice and packed my Ergobaby Carrier!  There was a lot of walking between the stroller parking spots and our destination sometimes...and Paisley is getting heavy!  Plus she would nap in it often!  This was a lifesaver on the trip!

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