Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Disney World Day 4

Day 4 in Disney was busy!

We started the day by waking up and heading to Epcot for a Princess Breakfast in Norway at a restaurant called Akershus!  We were running a bit late for our reservation because when we went to take the monorail, the guy working it said on Tuesdays it doesn't start running until 9am...breakfast was at 8:20.  Well that should really be posted underneath the sign that says the monorail starts running at 7am.  Sigh.  I know it's a first world problem but we had to get the bus and fold up both strollers...
We made it to Akershus about 10 minutes late because we hauled through Epcot.  If you've never been through Epcot you have to walk through half of the park before you even get to the countries.  Luckily we only had to walk through Mexico to get to Norway!
Belle, Lacie's favorite, was the host of this Princess Breakfast!  This was so exciting because we hadn't met her yet!

Once we were seated, we got to meet a few other princesses - Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, and Cinderella were all at this breakfast.  I thought the princess interaction was really sweet here!  The girls got to participate in a Princess Parade around the restaurant with all of the characters!  They enjoyed this and got to do it twice during our meal. 

The only thing I was really unimpressed with was the allergy menu here.  They didn't offer to send the chef out, which seemed to be the norm at other places.  Lacie's peanut free options were frozen Vans waffles and an UDI blueberry muffin to replace the donuts and cinnamon buns that were at the buffet.  They definitely could make a better effort with their peanut free menu.  She didn't seem to mind but I did.

After breakfast, we enjoyed walking around Epcot and taking pictures before our scheduled fast passes! 

Sweet Paisley napped through all of this in the stroller!

After pictures, we headed to Starbucks *of course* and headed to Living with the Land and Finding Nemo.  We had fast passes for both of these rides.  There aren't too many other rides in Epcot that the girls were tall enough to do.

After the rides, John really wanted to go back and spend some time at the pool.  So I gave up walking through the countries so that we could swim and he could recreate this picture at the Polynesian from when he was five years old! 

The girls had a blast in the pool and stayed in the water for about 2 hours! Paisley was excited for the freedom to crawl and walk around!  

After the pool, we showered and headed to dinner at the Grand Floridian, which is right next to the Polynesian.  We had early 4pm reservations for Cinderella's Happily Ever After Dinner at 1900 Park Fare!  This was a great character meal!  The food was delicious and there was a wide selection to choose from.  They had a great seafood section that my inlaws really enjoyed!  The chef came out to talk to me and let me know that everything - even the desserts - were safe for Lacie!  At this dinner we got to meet Cinderella, Prince Charming, the stepmother and stepsisters! 

Paisley ate most of her dinner with her foot on the table!  And really it was so cute that I had to take a picture.

After dinner, we took a picture in front of the huge gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian!

Then it was time to take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!  Christmas was one of the main reasons we decided to go to Disney World in November!  We all had never been during this time of year and really wanted to see it decorated for Christmas!  All of the lights and decorations did not disappoint!  It made the whole vacation even more magical!

I should mention at this point, Lacie and Blakely fell sound asleep in the stroller!  I guess the pool really tired them out!

We immediately headed to *Starbucks* of course!  Then since the girls were sleeping, John and I decided to sit right outside of the Starbucks on Main Street to have a front row view of the parade!  Yes we had a 2 hour wait.  We didn't care though.  The girls slept, we drank coffee and listened to Christmas music!  They made it snow on Main Street and we got to see the castle light up again!  The girls woke up just in time for the parade to start! 

The parade felt so magical and was worth the wait!  At the very end, Santa Claus comes down Main Street!  The best part of this was that Santa said "Happy Birthday" to someone in the crowd and Blakely thought he was saying it to her.  When we put them to bed that night, she kept saying, "Lacie, Santa said Happy Birthday to me!"  It was definitely a highlight for her! 

In case you missed it:

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