Thursday, August 25, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 32 and 33

Day 219 - saying goodbye to Aunt Laura's boyfriend Jacob as he leaves for to protect our country for six months overseas.

Day 220 - Fun at a family party! 

 Day 221 - First Day of Aunt Laura's FROZEN CAMP! 

Day 222 - The paci obsession is still going strong!  She sleeps with one in her mouth and one in each hand! 

Day 223 - Full Hands, Full Heart!  Bedtime stories with Daddy! 

Day 224 - Today was dress like a Princess day at Frozen Camp!  They dressed as their favorite, Belle and Cinderella!  They also got to meet Queen Elsa! 

Day 225 - TOO COOL! 

Day 226 - these three lined up and told me they were getting on an airplane to Disney! 

Day 227 - Future Olympians and their gold medals!  We've had so much fun cheering on the USA during the Rio Olympics! 

Day 228 - These sweet girls on their very first day of Cave Quest VBS!  They were really excited about Bible Camp, and Blakely asked me if she was going to meet Jesus at camp! 

Day 229 - this is what everyone wears when they go shopping, right?!?

Day 230 - so excited for another day of Bible Camp! 

Day 231 - Lacie's very last day as a FOUR YEAR OLD!  How did that happen?!?

Day 232 - FIVE.  Just like that she's FIVE! Our very first baby has been on the Earth for five years and will head to Kindergarten in 2 short weeks! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Mommy Mondays: Lacie Jane is FIVE

FIVE.  I have a five year old.  I have a five year old who starts Kindergarten in TWO WEEKS! 


Last Thursday, the day before Lacie turned 5, I had her put on the very same outfit that she wore on her 4th birthday last year!  This is her first and last day as a four year old! 
What a difference a year makes?!?!

No more baby face!  No more fake cheese smile!  And look at how crazy long her hair got this year! 

Friday August 19th Lacie officially turned FIVE at 8:20am!  She has VBS Camp in the morning, but the afternoon was full of CELEBRATION! 

I ordered this shirt from Just Jen, and it looked super cute on Lacie! 

My family came over after Paisley's nap to celebrate!  We ordered Eggplant Pizza from Phil's (Lacie's choice) and had Funfetti Cake with Pink Icing and Pink Sprinkles (also Lacie's choice)! 

I snapped this picture of all three girls while singing "Happy Birthday."  If you didn't already know, could you tell who the birthday girl was just by looking at this picture?  You probably can! 

Lacie also had a ton of presents to open! 

Because I'm always very honest here....this is how Blakely spent most of Lacie's birthday! 

Saturday morning we woke up and heading to Sesame Place bright and early because that is what Lacie wanted!  She even convinced Nana to come with us...and go on water slides! 

Saturday afternoon, we headed to John's parents house to celebrate with them!  The girls played horseshoes, had a BBQ, ate cookies, and of course Lacie got more presents! 

I cannot believe that FIVE years ago she looked like this! 

The days are long (some of them are really really long) but the years are short! 

Happy Fifth Birthday Lacie Jane! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites


Today I am linking up here to bring you what I am loving this week! 

Today is the day!  Today, my sweet and super sassy Lacie Jane turns FIVE YEARS OLD!  How has it already been five years?  I will be doing a HUGE Mommy Monday post next week about her birthday, but you can click HERE to see my Lacie Look Back from this past Monday.  It's her life in pictures from age four to five!
Yesterday, I did my side by side - something I do every year!  Lacie's very first day as a FOUR year old and her very last day as a FOUR year old!  My goodness, what a difference a year makes! 
 I can totally picture her as a teenager in that second picture, right?!?

I got this Birthday Princess Shirt from Kohl's (online)!  You can get one here:

This week, Lacie and Blakely are wrapping up their summer of camps with a fun week of Vacation Bible School!  They loved their dance camps, but this may have been their favorite!  The very first day of camp, Blakely looked at me with this huge, excited smile on her face and asked me if she was going to meet Jesus at camp!  Can we just freeze time?  Can they stay so sweet and innocent?

The girls love those purple and yellow dresses - especially Blakely because she LOVES yellow!  I got them here:

Paisley Snuggles
I randomly snapped this picture of my mom with Paisley the other day, and I just love it!  How sweet is their bond?

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 30 and 31

Day 205 - beating the heat at Sesame Place!

Day 206 - Supporting #teamgabe at Princeton PlaySpace! 

Day 207 - Jersey Shore

Day 208 - I love when I catch them snuggling <3 

Day 209 - you know the Starbucks addiction is real when all three girls are waiting by the door *SHOES ON* for Daddy to get home from work! 

Day 210 - Thursday Morning Playdates!

Day 211 - Immune System Support before bed! 

Day 212 - This was the girls first experience eating donuts!  Hooray for Krispy Kreme being Peanut Free! 

Day 213 - the start of BIRTHDAY WEEK! 

Day 214 - Happy Birthday to Me!  John and I got out for the entire day!  I've been blessed to spend a lot of birthdays with him, and he always finds a way to make them special! 

Day 215 - Family Beach Day! 

Day 216 - Look who came to Sesame Place with us!  Grandpop!

Day 217 - caught picking Pop-Pop's flowers! 

Day 218 - Spending a fun Friday down the shore visiting Family! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Mommy Mondays: Lacie Look Back

For the last two years, I've shared a Lacie Look Back before her birthday!  And my sweet girl turns FIVE on FRIDAY!  Ummm how did that happen?  #idontknow #toofast

Let's look back on Lacie from ages FOUR to FIVE! 

This is what Lacie looked like the morning she woke up as a four year old! 


You can check out Lacie BIRTH to THREE by clicking HERE
You can check out Lacie THREE to FOUR by clicking HERE


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