Thursday, October 20, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 38 and 39

Day 261 - chasing bubbles!

Day 262 - Daddy's home from Nashville and he brought shirts! 

Day 263 - headed to Back to School Night!  Date nights sure have changed...

Day 264 - picking Lacie up from school! 

Day 265 - my tiny dancer, Blakely Hope! 

 Day 266 - that sister love <3

Day 267 - Lacie was so proud of the Leaf Crown that she made at school! 

Day 268 - Little Gymnasts Ready for Acro! 

Day 269 - We moved Paisley to the table and suddenly she looks like a teenager! #notreally #butshelooksatleastthree

Day 270 - rocking their Halloween Jammies! 

Day 271 - BEST DAY EVER! #ilovemesomeBRUCE 

 Day 272 - She has MANY stuffed animals in her collection, but Lili is always her favorite! 

Day 273 - My Tot Hopper!!! 

Day 274 - sweet Paisley LOVED going to a dance birthday party!  I'm pretty sure we have another #tinydancer in our house! 

Monday, October 17, 2016


Last Monday was an amazing day for Lacie Jane! 

She went to CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) for a peanut challenge and PASSED!!!! 

Let me back up and give you some history if you don't know Lacie's story! 

On October 21, 2012 Lacie ate peanut butter.  This was probably her fourth exposure to it and after eating she developed facial hives and a swollen upper lip.  This is what Lacie looked like when we took her to the hospital...

By the time we got to the hospital, the reaction had basically resolved on it's own.  No epipen was needed, but we were told to follow up with her pediatrician that week.  

So the next day, I drove Lacie to the doctor for bloodwork.  Nana and Pop-Pop came with me (thank goodness because it was an awful ordeal of holding Lacie down to get several vials of blood).  I snapped this picture before leaving the house and you can see that the hives were completely cleared up.

Her blood work came back VERY allergic (despite the fact that her reaction - scary for us - was not considered severe).  She was declared Class IV which is high.  We were told to avoid peanuts, peanut butter, and even tree nuts at this point.  Don't eat anything from a bakery, don't eat any food that other people may have prepared, don't eat pre-cut fruit from the food store, etc. etc.  The risk for cross contamination for a peanut allergy is HIGH so we needed to be really careful.  Carry TWO epipens EVERYWHERE you go...because the first one might not work.

We were referred to an allergist who did give us the green light to try different tree nuts, but it's almost impossible to find tree nuts without the peanut cross contamination so we basically had to stick to 1 brand of safe almond butter and 1 brand of safe hazelnut spread.

And then 4 years went by and Lacie always had a very positive skin test for peanuts.  

But her blood work went down!  All the way down to ALMOST NEGATIVE! She had component testing done and out of the 6 peanut components, She was only allergic to one of them and it was barely positive (less than 0.5).

At her allergy appointment in August before school started, her allergist believed that her almost negative bloodwork combined with a much smaller skin test made her a good candidate to do a food challenge.  John and I trust her doctor, but we were nervous!  You can see in this picture that her most recent test (on the right) was indeed smaller than her previous two tests (left and middle)...but it was still positive!

Despite my fear, I called to schedule her appointment.  They were booked until February but thankfully we were able to get in on a cancellation.  It was for Columbus Day which worked out very well since school was closed! 

John and I didn't mention a word of this to Lacie ahead of time.  I didn't want her to have anxiety about it (because she would have).  We honestly didn't tell anyone because I was almost afraid to mention it out loud.  

On October 10, 2016 we woke Lacie up very early at 6:30am (well early for her) and drove to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  We had to be there at 7:30am and the test would begin at 8am. 

They started by mixing 1/4 tsp of peanut powder with chocolate pudding (did I mention that she couldn't eat anything before this test?!?) and then we waited 20 minutes.  Then they mixed 1/2 tsp of peanut powder with more chocolate pudding and we waited 20 minutes.  This continued with increasing doses of the powder every 20 minutes.  In between they monitored her skin and her breathing.

Our nurse, Mary was wonderful!  And Lacie loved the taste of this chocolate pudding peanut powder mixture! It doesn't sound like a lot of peanut powder but it was - it smelled like a peanut butter cup.  I could smell it across the room.

Once Lacie was able to get up to 2 teaspoons of the peanut powder, it was time for her to eat 2 teaspoons of peanut butter.  The total amount she consumed was the equivalent of 22 peanuts.  I was able to put the peanut butter on bread, so at least she had something substantial to eat at this point! 

Then we waited an hour to watch for a reaction.  At this point Lacie could eat some other food.  She was happy about that! 

Then we had to wait an additional hour and a half before we could leave!  They wanted to be 100% certain that she would not have a reaction! 

So we waited....

And here at 2.5 hours after her last dose of peanuts, the doctor officially declared Lacie NOT allergic to peanuts anymore!  

We took this picture to remember this moment! 

 Then we went to Starbucks and got this brave girl a CAKEPOP! 

And now our home contains tons of peanut butter and peanut products (which is so weird).  The doctor encouraged us to make sure she eats a lot of it - but at least 2 full servings per week! 

And we can eat all the fun treats - like munchkins - that were off limits before! 

No More Peanut Free!!! 

I could not be more grateful for this miracle!  It's such a wonderful feeling to send her to school without the worry of her accidentally ingesting her allergen.  My Mama Heart is so so so happy!  This day was the answer to a lot of prayers! 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 36 and 37

Day 247 - Pool Day with Corey! 

Day 248 - Pin The Horn on the Unicorn... #notevenclose

Day 249 - Ending the summer where we started it - at Sesame Place! 


Day 251 - waiting to pick up their sister! 

Day 252 - bible school! 

Day 253 - We made it through the first week! 

Day 254 - Working on her bridges for Acro!  They've come a long way! 

Day 255 - I mean this is the cutest thing you've ever seen, right!?!

Day 256 - Anyone who knows Lacie, knows that she LOVES to eat!  These pajamas were prefect for her! 

Day 257 - More food jammies!

Day 258 - The First Day of Dance!  Years two and three for these tiny dancers! 

Day 259 - Walking to school this morning and she looked so old! 

Day 260 - Two weeks of school are done, and these girls are LOVING every second! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites

Oh Hey Friday!!! 

It's been awhile, but I'm back today sharing my Friday Favorites and linking up with some awesome Mommy Bloggers! 


Both Lacie and Blakely are in school, which is a HUGE change for me (and for Paisley)!  Lacie is in school full time of course, and Blakely has preschool Monday/Wednesday/Friday!  I didn't know how I was going to feel about it...and I do miss them during the day but I'm starting to like our new normal!  I think what made this transition easy is that they both LOVE school! They are so happy to go every single day!  I also LOVE their teachers, and being a former teacher I can be a tough critic! 

If you've been a loyal blog reader, you know how much I love making chalkboard signs!  We have quite the collection of boards for different purposes!  I'm always looking for new ones too! 

I use chalk markers, rather than regular chalk, to write on the boards! I love the way it looks, and I love that there is no chalk dust!

Back to school also means we are back to dance!  It's crazy that Lacie is already starting her third year of dance and Blakely is starting her second!

Food Pajamas
Completely random, but I found these awesome pajamas for Lacie!  She is my little foodie and truly eats me out of house and home!  She loves wearing them! 

Halloween Pajamas
And if you know me, you already know that we are rocking Halloween Jammies at the Hilosky House! 

Sister Love
Like I mentioned above, poor Paisley is missing her sisters when they are at school!  Yesterday, Blakely was off so they got to spend the day together!  I caught this sweet picture when B was waking Paisley up from nap!!! Heart Melted! 

And I snapped this random picture after picking Lacie up from school the other day! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mommy Mondays: Blakely Goes to Preschool

I know, you're probably checking your calendar and thinking "it's not Monday..."
Yesterday got away from me, so you're getting my Mommy Monday post on a Tuesday! 

Last week, I blogged about Lacie starting Kindergarten!  You can read about that HERE

Today I am talking about the other member of the Hilosky Family who started school...

Miss Blakely Hope

She's been waiting for this day since Lacie went to preschool one year ago! 

Looking a little unsure, but ready! 

 Happier to be standing next to Lacie! 

These pictures were taken on 9/6/16 and this turned out to be the very first day of school....and the very last day at that specific school for Blakely.  

Blakely had a good first day, but there was a bad vibe that I couldn't shake.  So I trusted my Mama intuition and pulled her out as fast as I could.  I'm not going to go into a ton of details, because it's not my place to bad mouth a school and many people are happy there...but it just wasn't the place for us. 

I felt a very strong calling that Blakely belonged somewhere else!

Two Days Later we were at a new preschool!  Everything happens for a reason, because this is exactly where Blakely needs to be.  I can feel it in my heart!  

Blakely is SO happy at her new school!  I can tell how much she adores her teachers and her new friends!  She gets so excited when she wakes up and I tell her it's a school day (she's there Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:15-3)!

I think the only way she would be happier is if she was allowed to go to Kindergarten with Lacie! 


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