Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites: Random

We made it to another Friday!!!!  Because of the Holiday weekend, this week felt super short (which I loved)!!!  Today I am bringing you some random Friday Favorites!

1. Pillow Soft Curls
Listen up anyone who reads my blog with curly or semi wavy hair - you need this product!  It's seriously amazing!  I was chatting with some of the dance moms where Lacie takes ballet on Wednesday night and I was raving about this product...then I realized that I had never blogged about it before!  I have tried dozens of products and this is by far my favorite because it does what it claims to do...give you pillow soft curls and not ramen noodle curls (you know those skinny, ugly crunchy curls that you get with typical gels and mouses).  Order it off of Amazon or run right out to Target and buy this!  If you live local you can also find it at Wegmans!
2. Slip and Slide
My girls are finally old enough for this childhood favorite - and my mom found a small one that is just their size!  It has a short slide that they go down on their belly into a small pool of water.  They are just starting to get the hang of sliding down on their stomachs head first into a pool.  True to their personalities, this is Blakely's newest favorite!  I am already looking forward to when they are big enough for the crazy big water slides!
3. My New Ergo
Zulily was having an awesome Ergo sale a few weeks ago, and I finally got a beautiful PINK and gray Ergo!  I am in love!  And so is Paisley!  Girlfriend love love loves all the bay carriers!  She smiles, looks around, and then falls fast asleep!  I obviously had to get the pink one - but they have so many new and fun patterns!  Way more than what they had back in 2011 when I was pregnant with Lacie!
4. Playdates with Girlfriends
We have been having some awesome playdates with my friend Amanda from high school and her two little girls.  There is something so fun and sweet about our all-girls playdates!  Plus it's nice to talk to an adult and not just my kiddos all day long!  Blakely was there too, even though she refused to be in the picture - a combination of typical B behavior and some extreme jealousy that her BFF Lacie was playing with someone else!

5. John's Birthday
My hubby celebrate's his birthday on Monday!  This was a picture of us on his birthday two years ago!  In typical John fashion he doesn't want a thing for his birthday!  Hopefully we can sneak out for a special birthday date!  Plus, I'm sure he will want me to bake something!  I don't know but I have a feeling it will be something Red Velvet inspired!  Like my Red Velvet Cupcakes or Red Velvet Fudge Bars or Red Velvet Neiman Marcus Bars!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  Today I am linking up and sharing a What's Up Wednesday!  

I'm answering these questions:

1. What We're Eating This Week
Monday was Memorial Day so we had burgers and corn on the cob!  But then it was back to a busy work week for John, so of course I pulled out the crockpot yesterday and made my Crockpot Burrito Bowls!  They are such a huge hit with the whole family!  Whenever it's Lacie's turn to go to the food store with me she always requests that I make these for dinner!

2. What I'm Reminiscing About
Paisley will be six months old in just two weeks!  She has such a sweet and fun personality!  I love watching her grow everyday! I'm reminiscing about how fast these first six months fly by and what my other two girls were like at this age!  I'm sneaking in all of the extra cuddles that I can because I know that before too long she will be crawling and playing nonstop with her big sisters! She takes a nap on me every single day and when she wakes up and sees my face - she smiles just like this!  I live for this face! 

3. What I'm Loving
Coffee!!! I know, I know I always love coffee.  But now that I'm not pregnant I can drink more than the one cup per day and it is heaven!!!  Even though it's not really real coffee, I am loving the new S'Mores Frap at Starbucks! 

4. What We've Been Up To
We have been spending a ton of time outside!  It's still May and we've already done lots of trips to Sesame Place and the beach! I have a feeling this is going to be a great summer! 

5. What I'm Dreading
Lacie has an appointment set up at CHOP for allergy testing next month.  And I am dreading this more than I dread normal doctor's appointments.  We haven't been to the allergist since Lacie was first diagnosed with her peanut allergy at 14 months.  But since she is starting preschool in the fall, we need to go back so she can have an up to date allergy action plan.  If you've never had allergy testing done - it's not a pleasant experience at all.  

6. What I'm Working On
Miss Paisley Jean is finally starting to chunk out a bit after being my teeniest baby!  So I am working on putting away her 3-6 month clothes and getting out all of the girls 6-9 month stuff!!!  I can't believe we've already gone through 3 cycles of baby clothes already (newborn, 0-3 months, and 3-6 months). 

7. What I'm Excited About
Lots of swimming!!!  How cute does Paisley look in a bathing suit?!?

8. What I'm Watching/Reading
I'm currently watching the new season of the Bachelorette (and loving it already)!  I'm still not reading anything which I know is terrible as someone who has their Masters Degree in Reading.  I swear I will pick up a book this summer!   

9. What I'm Listening To
The Boss!

10. What I'm Wearing
Lots of comfy clothes for playing outside with the kids!  

11. What I'm Doing this Weekend
Celebrating this Handsome Guy's Birthday!!!

12. What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
June is going to be a great month!  I am looking forward to:
*John's Birthday
*Paisley's Half Birthday
*Lacie's very first Dance Recital

13. What Else Is New
Ummm my oldest baby is turning four years old this summer!  And I took this picture of her the other day and she looked so grown up that I couldn't believe it!  

14. What's My Favorite Thing to Grill
BURGERS! And corn on the cob and other veggies.  I really don't like veggies at all...unless you cook them on the grill! 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites: Summer Edition

It's Memorial Day Weekend!!!  Our winter was so long and brutal in New Jersey...I almost feel like we didn't have a spring!  I can't get over how quickly Memorial Day weekend has arrived - and I couldn't be happier!  I love love love the summer!  As a child, it was my very favorite season.  I loved being off from school, I loved going down the shore, and I loved spending my days outside in the sunshine!

Here are some of my favorites this week!

1. Patriotic Cookies

Who doesn't love a good red, white, and blue cookie!  These cookie bars are the perfect thing to take to any weekend BBQ or party that you are attending for Memorial Day or the 4th of July or really any summer event!  The best part is they are a cake mix recipe.  Go find the summer edition of the Funfetti Cake Mix and whip these up in 30 minutes!  Click here for the recipe!

2. Natives
So after reading so many positive reviews online - both on blogs and on Nordstroms website - I decided to get the girls Natives over Crocs.  I still love crocs but thought I would give these a try!  Lacie says they are more comfortable than her crocs and loves putting them on.  I love that my girls can put them on by themselves!!!  I got pink, obviously, but Blakely's are a bit big so I may order a size down in the purple while I wait for her to grow into the pink! 

3. Sunscreen
Sunscreen application may not be my favorite part of summer, but it's a must for everyone - especially my kids who are so pale that you can see right through their skin!  I have blogged about my love of the Honest Company before, and their sunscreen does not disappoint.  It's a physical sunscreen, not a chemical sunscreen, which is so much better for your skin!  It's super thick so it takes some time to rub in but it never comes off!

4. Bathing Suits
I totally dropped the ball on buying the girls bathing suits this year!  Probably because they are so tiny that things tend to fit them for at least two years.  But they've officially outgrown the bathing suit stashes that I have for them - which means it is time for me to get them new bathing suits (like NOW since it's already Memorial Day Weekend)!!!  Girls bathing suits come is such variety!  I always want to buy my girls the sweet, whimsical bathing suits that you can find at Nordstroms or Janie and Jack, but I almost always end up picking bathing suits that have a rash guard shirt.  I know they're not always the cutest - but it means less sunscreen and more protection from the sun!  Here are a few that I'm loving this year:

5. Sundresses
Summertime is the easiest time to dress kids - especially if you have girls!  Mine love wearing a good sundress and will ask to wear one every single day!  I stocked their closet with a ton of new dresses that are casual enough to wear for playing but can also look dressy if we're headed out somewhere!  Here are some options I am loving for girls:
And this sweet paisley print dress that Paisley will be wearing all summer!

Vera Bradley Dress and Bloomers in Tutti Frutti

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The Fabulous Friday Party on Simple Nature Decor

Thursday, May 21, 2015

#hiloskyeveryday2015 Weeks 19 and 20

Day 127 - My heart could just explode into a million happy pieces!  I love these two!

Day 128 - Headed out for a morning of shopping with my big girls <3

Day 129 - When you're at Sesame Place, you have to take pictures with the characters! 

Day 130 - Happy Mother's Day to me!  I am blessed to be chosen as their Mommy! 

Day 131 - I can't even believe that Paisley Jean is five months old!!!  

Day 132 - the weather was really hot and I couldn't find bathing we did this instead!

Day 133 - A fun morning at the park with some girlfriends <3

Day 134 - #selfie #girlmom

Day 135 - someone turned 2 1/2!!! 

Day 136 - Snuggles with Daddy! 

Day 137 - Paisley's first trip down the shore...clearly my other two were more interested in eating!

Day 138 - John and I got out for a day date and we always always stop at Starbucks!  This man knows that the way to my heart is through ice cream, chocolates, and coffee - not flowers! 

Day 139 - My sweet pea! 

Day 140 - ummm when did she get this big?!?!  It's really hard to wrap my head around the fact that my oldest baby will turn four this summer! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Triple Chocolate Cookie Bars

Last Friday was our 6 year wedding anniversary!  You can read about it in this post!  It also happens to be Blakely's half birthday - she turned 2 1/2!!!  Now I know what you are thinking, and yes we always celebrate half birthdays in the Hilosky House!  It's a fun, simple tradition that I hope my girls will always keep and pass on when they have families of their own!  Normally, I would make some kind of a cake for this day, but John really wanted cookie bars!  He requested my Red Velvet Fudge Bars but since I didn't have any Red Velvet cake mix in the house (and I really didn't feel like dragging three kids to the food store), I made a new bar instead!

Cake Mix Recipe #51 - Triple Chocolate Cookie Bars

Chocolate cake mix plus white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chips give these bars a triple chocolate flavor!

And they were Oh So Delicious!  We started eating them on Friday and they were gone by Saturday!

Your Shopping List for the Triple Chocolate Cookie Bars:

  • 1 box chocolate cake mix
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1 stick butter, melted
  • 1 generous cup of white chocolate chips 
  • 1 generous cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips

Now Let's Make the Triple Chocolate Cookie Bars:
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and grease a 9x13 baking dish
  2. In a large mixing bowl combine the chocolate cake mix, beaten eggs, and melted butter until a soft dough forms
  3. Stir in the white and chocolate chips
  4. Press dough into prepared baking dish
  5. Bake in preheated oven for 25 minutes until the edges are crisp
  6. Remove from oven and press down over the surface of the cookie bars with the back of a spatula - this isn't necessary but in my opinion it make the bars perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside
  7. Allow pan to cool completely - at least one hour - before slicing into 24 squares and storing in an airtight container

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites: Anniversary Edition

It's our Anniversary!  Six years ago, John and I said "I Do."  On May 15, 2009 we stood on the alter at the church I was raised in and we promised to love, honor, and cherish each other in front of our family, friends, and the Lord.  Our marriage isn't perfect, but I believe we have lived up to that promise.  Other than the birth of our three girls - our wedding day will always be my very favorite day!  Six years, three beautiful daughters, and one townhouse that is bursting at the seams with babies and love - I couldn't ask for more!  I am so blessed to have this life!

1. Our Wedding Day - 5/15/09
I have so many beautiful photos from our wedding day!  It's so funny to think how, if we got married today, there would probably be more pictures because everyone has phones that take pictures!  But if you watch our wedding video, you can see our friends and family on the dance floor with their little point and shoot digital cameras!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day:

2. Our Swarovski Crystal Toasting Glasses
I absolutely love the champagne glasses we bought for the first toast at our wedding!  They sit in our china closet, and they always make me smile when I look at them!  We drank champagne out of them on our very first anniversary...and then I've been pregnant for every anniversary since!  So this year, since I am not pregnant, we can take the glasses out and use them again!

3. Hubby/Wifey Tees
I mean how cute are these?!?

4. Love Decor
At one point - before kids - our walls were covered with pictures of us and love quotes! Now only a few pictures of us remain because the girls have taken over! But I still love shopping for different pillows and frames that quote LOVE!
5. Wedding Paraphernalia
We have so many sweet little mementoes from our special day sprinkled around our house!

Like this wedding Mickey and Minnie that my sister got us in Disney!
And our cake cutting set!

And our Precious Moments Wedding Statue

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