Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites: Anniversary Edition

It's our Anniversary!  Six years ago, John and I said "I Do."  On May 15, 2009 we stood on the alter at the church I was raised in and we promised to love, honor, and cherish each other in front of our family, friends, and the Lord.  Our marriage isn't perfect, but I believe we have lived up to that promise.  Other than the birth of our three girls - our wedding day will always be my very favorite day!  Six years, three beautiful daughters, and one townhouse that is bursting at the seams with babies and love - I couldn't ask for more!  I am so blessed to have this life!

1. Our Wedding Day - 5/15/09
I have so many beautiful photos from our wedding day!  It's so funny to think how, if we got married today, there would probably be more pictures because everyone has phones that take pictures!  But if you watch our wedding video, you can see our friends and family on the dance floor with their little point and shoot digital cameras!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day:

2. Our Swarovski Crystal Toasting Glasses
I absolutely love the champagne glasses we bought for the first toast at our wedding!  They sit in our china closet, and they always make me smile when I look at them!  We drank champagne out of them on our very first anniversary...and then I've been pregnant for every anniversary since!  So this year, since I am not pregnant, we can take the glasses out and use them again!

3. Hubby/Wifey Tees
I mean how cute are these?!?

4. Love Decor
At one point - before kids - our walls were covered with pictures of us and love quotes! Now only a few pictures of us remain because the girls have taken over! But I still love shopping for different pillows and frames that quote LOVE!
5. Wedding Paraphernalia
We have so many sweet little mementoes from our special day sprinkled around our house!

Like this wedding Mickey and Minnie that my sister got us in Disney!
And our cake cutting set!

And our Precious Moments Wedding Statue

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  1. Happy anniversary!! So fun to see the pictures!! I have our toasting flutes out too... and they make me smile too!! I love the ones you chose - my mom and I saw those after the fact and we LOVED them too!! The Disney set is so cute!!

  2. Happy anniversary! I too love to look back at pics, it will be 17 years in July for us!



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