Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mommy Monday on a Tuesday: Paisley Jean is 5 Months Old

So we got super busy yesterday, and I had no time to post my Mommy Monday!

But yesterday - May 11th - my sweet Paisley Jean turned five months old...and I cannot even believe it!  She only has one more month to go before we celebrate her first half birthday!

At Five Months Old, Paisley Can:
*sit up for a few seconds on her own
*puts all her weight on her legs and stands up straight with someone holding her hands
*sleeps through the night
*sleeps in her own crib!!!
*recognizes faces
*smiles, "talks", and "sings" 
*lays on her tummy and attempts to crawl by inching herself forward

Paisley Loves:
*bathtime - at this point she tries to drink the water
*her sisters
*Minnie and Mickey Mouse 
*Sophie the Giraffe
*her light up fish tank in the crib
*snuggling on Mommy

Paisley Hates:
*getting out of the bathtub - still!  Girlfriend could stay in the bath all day long!
*not much else - she is truly a happy baby!  She really only cries when she is tired or hungry.  

I am so blessed to call Paisley my daughter!  She has brought so much joy into our family!  I just love watching Lacie and Blakely talk to her and give her millions of hugs and kisses! John and I are also loving this third round of baby raising because, in all honesty, it gets easier with each baby!  You know what to do, and you can just relax and enjoy this fleeting baby stage!  

If my blog has been lacking lately - it's because I am spending every free second doing this^^^
Paisley loves to snuggle (especially right after her early morning feeding)!  I know it's only a matter of time before she is crawling and walking and too busy discovering things to spend hours sleeping on Mommy...so I will take all of these sleepy cuddles right now!  

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