Monday, November 2, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Halloween

Saturday was Halloween!  This holiday has become one of my favorites since having babies!  This year was especially special because it was Paisley's First Halloween and our first Halloween as a Family of Five!  

Our Three Trick-or-Treaters ready to head out! 

But First a Family of Five Picture (these are really hard to get)! 

A close up of our little piggy! 

The two princesses!

Ready to get candy in their bags!

Even Paisley got a few treats!

Lacie was so brave and outgoing.  She went up to everyone's house and said "Trick or Treat" "Thank You" and "Happy Halloween".  I can tell that preschool is really helping her come out of her shell!  This was the most excited she has ever been for Halloween!

Blakely and Pop-Pop!

I Love Our Family of Five! 

Heading up to the houses!

This little pig was a trooper and even though she didn't love the pig head, she kept it on the entire time! 

And of course I had to do a side by side of all three girls as the Pig!  Lacie was 14 months, Blakely was 11 months and Paisley is 10 months!  They all look alike, but Blakely and Paisley are basically twins!  

On Sunday Morning, the girls woke up and the "Switch Witch" had come to our house.  The switch witch takes all of the unsafe candy and replaces it with safe treats that are peanut free as well as non food treats as well!  A lot of food allergy families do this!  

And then of course we danced to CHRISTMAS MUSIC! 

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  1. Oh my goodness - all the costumes are precious!!!

  2. LOVE that piggie costume!!! NEver heard of the switch witch-- wonderful idea!!!

    1. Thank you Sarita! They actually sold a "switch witch" doll at Target this year. It came with a book, similar to the Elf on the Shelf. I didn't get it though - I just used the concept!



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