Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!!!  It's Halloween Weekend!  I am twice as excited this Friday!  

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Here's What I'm Loving This Week.

I share about this a lot on my blog, but having three girls is such a special experience.  I love watching them be sisters!  I was going through my phone and found this picture from earlier in the week!  Blakely and Paisley have such a special bond.  I am definitely going to write an entire post about it one day soon! 

OPI Venice Collection

I tend to either love or hate an entire nail polish collection.  When OPI comes out with their country collections (like France, Germany, and Brazil) I usually love love love it!  This was no exception!  I got three colors - I Cannoli Wear OPI, Gimme a Lido Kiss, and O Suzi Mio (what I'm wearing in the picture).  You can also get a set of four minis, which I also like to do so I get to try a lot of colors.
New Cookbooks 
I love cookbooks (this should come as a surprise to no one).  I have a bookshelf in our kitchen full of them.  I can read them like regular books!  I especially love when cookbooks have little stories for each recipe and lots of colorful pictures!  Two new cookbooks that I am loving are Bobby Flay's "Brunch at @ Bobby's" and Ree Drummond's "The Pioneer Woman Cooks Dinnertime."


 Coloring Books for Adults
Who knew this was a thing?  I didn't until the other way.  But I saw it at Wegmans and impulsively bought it!  It's supposed to help you relax, and I have to say it works!  I got this one, but they had about five to choose from! 

Blakely's dance class got to wear their Halloween costumes to class this week.  Of course Blakely could have chosen any of the many princess dresses that we own.  She picked Elsa.  This was what Lacie was last year!  I love it!

For more of what I'm loving, check on this month's What's Up Wednesday Post!

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