Monday, October 5, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Two Ballerinas

Last year, I posted a ton about Lacie starting dance classes!  Well this year, she is back and is doing both ballet and tap!  Someone else got to start dance - Blakely!  She is in the Tiny Tot class, which was the class Lacie was in last year!  For an entire year, Blakely watched while Lacie got to go to dance every Wednesday night.  You could say she was a bit jealous.  Well this year it was finally her turn!  And she was excited!!!  I was a bit nervous - I didn't know if she would really love it or if she just wanted to do what Lacie was doing.  I also didn't think she understood that she would go by herself - not at the same time as Lacie (because of course Lacie is in the preschool class now).  Well I couldn't have been more wrong!  My shy, sweet Blakely love love loves dance class!  She goes in the studio every week and participates fully in the class!  Now we have two dancers!!!

At the end of August, the girls got fitted for their dance shoes!

Blakely's First Pair of Ballet Slippers!

Lacie's First Pair of Tap Shoes!

Blakely trying on her tutus for dance!  Pink and Black! 

Lacie's First Day of Dance - 9/11/15

Blakely's First Day of Dance - 9/16/15

Here's a Side by Side of Lacie and Blakely from their very first day of dance!  Lacie had just turned three and Blakely will be three in November! 

We love this Capezio Tutu that comes in both black and pink.

The girls have this tutu in both black and pink. It's their favorite one to wear!


We also love the Bloch Tights in Pink! They don't sag and they are very durable. Lacie's tights lasted through an entire year of dance!

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  1. Aww! So cute. I can't wait until Evie is old enough for ballet lessons. I also took tap as a kid (and LOVED it), so it would be fun if she was interested in that as well. <3



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