Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  And Happy October!  I love this month - in fact it might be my favorite month of the entire year!  

Today I am linking up with Momfessionals, A Little Bit of Everything, and Grace and Love to bring you my Friday Favorites!

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Paisley's First Halloween
One of my favorite things about the month of October is Halloween!  I am especially excited for Halloween this year because Lacie and Blakely are old enough to be really really excited about it.  Also it's Paisley's First Halloween!  She only has two "first" holidays left - Halloween and Thanksgiving!  

It's a bib and a bandana - it's a Bibdana!  
A sweet Mama friend of mine makes and sells these sweet bibdanas in her Etsy shop - along with some adorable pacifier clips!  
Paisley now has her bottom two teeth but the top two are about to break through - which means she is a drooling machine!  And putting one of these bibdanas on her keeps her dry while looking adorable - way cuter than a regular bib!
Check out her Etsy Shop at Craft Courtney 101

Bringing Up Bebe
I shared in my What's Up Wednesday post but I'm finally reading a book.  A parenting book.  Do you know that I never ever read any other parenting books.  I tried.  I tried really hard when I had Lacie.  I starting The Happiest Baby on the Block and What to Expect the First Year.  But they just did not hold my interest.  Bringing Up Bebe is my type of book - I'm already halfway through!  It jives with my parenting style.  Plus I love anything French - I studied it for six years in high school and college!

Fall Nail Polish
I always love sharing nail polish colors during my Friday Favorites!  My readers must love nail polish as much as me because if I ever post a picture of my nails without mentioning the color, someone always emails and asks!  

This week I'm wearing Essie's Double Breasted Jacket

I always paint my nails at least once a week - sometimes twice!  My nails take a beating with all the diaper changing and hand washing and cooking and dishes and cleaning - so I like to make an effort to keep them looking nice! 

Another Fall Favorite is Essie's Bahama Mama.  I know the name screams summer but the color is all Fall!

Louisville Shirts 
John went on a trip with his Dad and Brother in September. This is the third time they've taken a trip for my Father In Laws Navy Reunion. I hate when John goes away but I think it's such great Father/Son bonding! Plus John always brings home shirts for us! 

 The girls got Kentucky Derby Shirts! 

 I got a Louisville Slugger Shirt!

I am wearing this shirt with my very favorite Hue Leggings!  If you don't own these leggings yet, it is a great time to get them because they're on sale (and ship for free) at Nordstrom! 

What are your favorites this week



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