Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  This week has been super busy and I am more excited than usual to have reached the weekend!

Disney Magic Bands Are Here

In my most favorite moment of the week, 2 packages full of Disney Magic Bands arrived at my doorstep! I did a happy dance - and of course my kids wanted to wear them right away to which I had to explain that they were for the trip! 
We are 22 Days Away!!!!!

Lacie's First Field Trips
Lacie had her first two field trips ever on Friday and Monday!  First we went to the pumpkin patch and then we went to the fire house!  

Lacie had so much fun on her first two field trips, and I know she can't wait for more throughout the year.  It was so much fun getting to go with her!  

The weather changes daily in NJ during the fall.  Some days we are outside in t-shirts and other days we already need jackets.  Since Lacie was a baby, I have been getting her a North Face fleece for the cold months.  I love these jackets because they are super warm - my girls wear them through the winter unless they are playing in the snow, in which case they wear snow suits.  They are also comfortable for the kids, allowing them to still be able to move around easily.  A big bonus is that they are able thin enough to wear in car seats.  Bulky jackets don't allow for the car seat straps to be tightened properly but the North Face fleece does - so this saves an extra step of removing coats when we get in the car! 
And they are washable!  Wonderfully machine washable!  If you have kids, you know that this is important!  
You can usually grab them on sale at the end of the season to use the following year.  I found Lacie's new Hot Pink one during Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale this summer! 
La Croix Water 

Fall comes and I drink less water. A lot less. Like I will start cooking dinner and realize I didn't drink any water all day. That's because it gets colder and I would be content to drink coffee all day long! So I've been buying and drinking a ton of La Croix water. They have lots of fun flavors. Recently I've been hooked on buying the plain La Croix sparkling water and adding drops of essential oils to it!

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