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Disney World Day 3

November 16th was Day 3 of our Disney Trip - this was our Hollywood Studios Day!

Before heading to the park, we had breakfast reservations at 'Ohana, which is a character meal with Lilo and Stitch right at our hotel!  It also featured Pluto and Mickey Mouse!  This was my favorite breakfast in terms of food!  They served huge trays of food family style at the table, and everything was delicious - especially the Mickey Waffles!  The character interaction was also really fun, and the girls got to do a parade with them around the restaurant! 

The older girls really liked meeting Lilo...Paisley not so much!

 It came out blurry but the girls loved getting to parade around 'Ohana with maracas and the characters!


After breakfast, we had to take the bus to Hollywood Studios.  Taking the bus with two strollers is tough because you have to fold them to get onto the bus.  We had one double stroller and one single stroller.  Both are big and heavy!

Once we got to Hollywood Studios, we had Fast Passes for the Frozen Sing Along.  Even though we had the passes, we still had to wait a long time.  The waiting area was on this downhill slant, which was really strange and the girls had trouble standing still on it.  Blakely and I took selfies to pass the time.  The actual sing-a-long was great.  And of course when they sang "Let It Go" you could hear Lacie above everyone else.  B sat on my lap and her face was in awe the entire time!  You could tell she loved it! 

After Frozen we had another Fast Pass for the Voyage of the Little Mermaid!  I loved this when I saw it in high school, and the girls really enjoyed it!  Paisley sat on my lap and she clapped and babbled the entire show.  I don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but Paisley was a rockstar this entire trip! 

 Next up, we had fast passes for the Toy Story Ride!  This was super fun!  I rode with B! 

My score may have been slightly better than hers...

After our Fast Passes, we had about 30 minutes to kill before lunch.  We found a photographer to take some pictures of us and Paisley took a nap in the Ergo.

At home, Paisley never naps on me anymore, so I really soaked this all in!

Next up was a delicious lunch at Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano!  I got a steak, which was fantastic!  It was probably my favorite lunch/dinner meal of the trip!  Lacie and Blakely ate bowls of spaghetti and meatballs bigger than them - and yes they finished every last bite.  I will say that even though the food was good, the wait was really long and the service was slow.  Lunch took about 2 hours.  Seriously.  Two entire hours.  

After lunch, John's parents and brother were ready to go back to the hotel.  So we walked up to the front of Hollywood Studios with them to get one more family picture. 

After they left, John and I got a Starbucks (of course) and headed over to the Disney Junior area!  I knew that Lacie really wanted to meet Princess Sofia and that she could only do that here.  After we met her, Lacie told me that she touched Sofia's Amulet - this was definitely a highlight of the trip for her!  

In the same area were other Disney Junior meet and greets - and the lines were all relatively short!  We got to meet Doc McStuffins and Jake! 

 Then we got to meet Minnie Mouse!  The girls were excited about this because we had met Mickey at breakfast earlier in the day! 

Paisley was unsure about some of the characters...she wouldn't smile for any of them...until we met Minnie Mouse!  As soon as she saw Minnie, she started smiling and waving.  And as soon as I brought her up to Minnie, she leaned in for a kiss!  We know who Paisley's favorite is! 

At this point, it was a little after 6pm and we had priority seating tickets for Fantasmic at 7pm.  If you have never seen Fantasmic, it is magical!  I saw it when I went in high school, and it was a new show at the time.  It was as good as I remembered!  We got the priority seating tickets because the lunch we ate was part of the Fantasmic Dining package.  I would highly recommend this because by 6pm they were making announcements that the show (an hour later) was already standing room only.  We got there around 6:45 (it was a longggg walk) and were able to sit in the 3rd row of our reserved section! 

The girls loved this show!  Especially Paisley!  If you've never seen it, it is a water show with fireworks, animation on the water, and live characters too!  It's spectacular! Paisley clapped and laughed the entire time.  We sat so close that we got wet.  She loved that too! 

After the show we headed to the bus, along with everyone else in the entire park.  At this point since it was only John and I with the 3 kids, he had to fold up both strollers and carry them on the bus while I got the kids.  The bus was packed too.  It was definitely an interesting ride back to the Polynesian to say the least.  But we got back just in time to watch the fireworks and eat some more Dole Whips! 

If you missed it:

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