Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY!!!

And do you know what next Friday is...


So of course today, I need to share my weekly favorites and some of my Christmas Favorites with you!

Paisley is ONE
Last Friday Paisley turned ONE!  You can see a recap of all some special pictures of her from her first year on my Mommy Mondays post here!

She is just so happy to be one of the Big Girls now!

Princess Dolls
If you have read any of my blog post recently, you know that my girls are princess obsessed!  Lacie and Blakely were princesses for Halloween (this year and last year) and they just got to meet every single princess on our Disney vacation!  So of course princesses will be a big part of what they are getting on Christmas morning!  I love these plush dolls from the Disney Store (because they can sleep with them)!  Each girl already has Anna and Elsa, and now they will each be getting their favorite princess for Christmas: Snow White for Paisley, Cinderella for Blakely, and Belle for Lacie!  We don't truly know what Paisley's favorite princess is - but we decided it was Snow White after this sweet interaction in Disney World!

Princess Castle 
A few weeks ago (after returning from Disney) Lacie asked for a new play castle for Christmas. We have the Fisher Price castle but the older girls don't really play with it anymore. I know she wanted more of a "big girl" type of castle!  The Disney Store had a wonderful Disney Parks castle and a Frozen castle - so I got both so that the girls could each have one but can also share!  The Frozen one sold out the next day (thank goodness I got it in time) but the Disney Parks Castle is here:

Christmas Recipes
I have been counting the 12 Days of Christmas with some delicious holiday recipe on the blog!  In case you missed what I shared this week:

Paisley's Second (First) Christmas
So last year was obviously Paisley's First Christmas!  But she was only 2 weeks old!  She spent all of Christmas sleeping in her swaddle.  So I feel like this is her first Christmas!  Even though she just turned one, she understands a lot.  She has been fascinated with our Christmas decorations, she loves looking for Cocoa (our Elf) with the other girls, she watched Christmas movies with her sisters, and she can't get enough of all of the stuffed animals that play Christmas songs!

I can't wait for her to have her turn at opening gifts too!  Last year, Santa got Paisley a few outfits and a cute, pink Blabla pretzel rattle (that she still sleeps with).  

But this year Paisley is getting some fun gifts that I know she will love opening and playing with!  One of my favorites is this Melissa and Doug Mickey Mouse and friends train!  

Because after all, we all know how much Paisley loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

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  1. Just visiting from the link-up! Your daughter is precious. She will love Christmas this year. And all those Christmas treats are mouth watering! I will have to try some! Happy Friday!

  2. Isn't it so sad when they turn one!? Mama heart=broken!



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