Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's FRIDAY!!!

It's also two weeks until CHRISTMAS!!!


I have lots of favorites this week, but my very first and most favorite is this one:

Paisley Jean turns ONE today!
I don't know how that happened so fast.  Like I blinked and she went from a brand new snuggly baby who slept on me and cuddled all day long (really only waking up to nurse) to a practically walking and talking one year old who eats huge portions of table food and is on a mission to keep up with her sisters!  I will have much more about this in my Mommy Monday post but for now this picture:
Paisley's very first day in the world and her last night before turning one!

The older Paisley gets, the more she becomes a "sister" and less of a "baby" in the eyes of Lacie and Blakely!  Sweet moments like this melt my heart! 

Michael Buble's Christmas Special
I looked forward to this all week.  Who am I kidding, I looked forward to it all year.  We have his 2014 and 2013 Christmas specials still saved on our DVR.  We got ready for last night's special by watching the ones from the previous years! 

Christmas Recipes
I am counting down the 12 Days of Christmas with recipes for the season!  I've shared 4 so far, and I cannot wait to share the rest!  In case you have missed days #1-#4:

Christmas Traditions: Advent Books

Instead of using a traditional advent calendar, we read 24 Christmas books to count down the days until Christmas!  The Elf brings 24 wrapped books on December 1st and the girls pick one book from the pile to unwrap and read every night.  Lacie picks on the odd days and Blakely picks on the even days! 

Some of our favorite Christmas Books that are a part of our 24 nights:

Parent Observation Night at Dance
This was last week, but I had so much fun watching my girls dance!  This is Lacie's second year of dance and Blakely's first year!  Twice a year, the parents get to come in and watch the entire class.  It's great to see what they've been up to!  Both girls love love love dance, and watching them do something that brings them joy brings my heart joy! 

Today I am linking up over at MOMFESSIONALS!!!

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