Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

Oh Hey, It's FRIDAY!!!
And just like every Friday, I'm linking up to share the things that I am LOVING this week!

Oh Em Gee!  Today is the day!!!  Fuller House is here!!!  If you are looking for me this weekend, I will be binge watching Fuller House!  And I will be making John watch it with me.  I grew up watching Full House and now I still watch the reruns at night when they're one.  I love the fact that my own girls will get to grow up with this show!
And let's be honest, Uncle Jesse is still looking pretty good! 

Blakely's First Dance Costume
I walked into dance class with B on Wednesday and their recital outfits had come in!  We got to go in the room and try them on the girls (just to make sure everything fit).  I'm pretty sure Blakely has been waiting for this day since Lacie got her first recital outfit last year!  She was so excited.  She was even more excited that her costume looks like Cinderella in her mind!  I can't even stand the cuteness! 

Neiman Marcus Bars
I made a new Neiman Marcus Bar recipe for Lacie's half birthday and I shared it on the blog earlier this week!  These may just be my favorite of all the Neiman Marcus Bar recipes!  Seriously the Double Chocolate Flavor is Great!  You can check out the recipe here!

If chocolate isn't your thing, try my Red Velvet Neiman Marcus Bars

These ones are really great for Easter!  They're a Neiman Marcus Bar version of the Chocolate Coconut Eggs!

St. Paddy's Day
I love celebrating St. Paddy's Day with the kids!  I always buy them cute shirts or outfits to wear the whole month of March!  How fun are these shirts?  I like them because they're a bit different from all of the other St. Paddy's Day gear! 

I also love these shirts that my Aunt got the girls this year!
And I love these for the baby!

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  1. Those bars look delicious! And how cute is your ballerina???!!!!



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