Thursday, February 25, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 7 and 8

Day 42 - We love our Thursday morning playdates with our BFF Blair! 

Day 43 - This girl loves going to dance class! 

Day 44 - We love when Corey comes over to hang out on a Saturday! 

 Day 45 - Valentine's Day Date with my handsome hubby! 

Day 46 - Building block towers taller than themselves!

Day 47 - This Face! 

Day 48 - Blakely is dance class ready with her bumble bee leg warmers! 

Day 49 - I don't know how it's possible, but Lacie is registered for Kindergarten!

Day 50 - Happy Half Birthday to Lacie!  It's hard to believe that she'll be 5 in six months! 

Day 51 - We were finally able to get outside on a day that felt like spring! 

Day 52 - counting out 100 marshmallows for Lacie's 100th Day of School! 

Day 53 - Sweet moments like this before bedtime make my Mama Heart happy!

Day 54 - Paisley is getting so big, but she is still having a tough time giving up that morning nap!  I love it when she falls asleep on me! 

Day 55 - Blakely got to try on her outfit for her end of the year recital last night!  I am in love with this costume - and so is she because she says it looks like Cinderella! 

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