Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesdays: How to Win My Heart

Happy Tuesday!  Today is Show and Tell Tuesday!  What does this mean?  Every other Tuesday, I am participating in a really fun Link Up!  Today's topic: HOW TO WIN MY HEART! 

It has been almost 10 years since this guy walked into my life with his long hair and earrings and won my heart!

And he didn't win my heart with flowers!

But you can totally win my heart with chocolate! 

Chocolate cake, chocolate candy, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels...
I'm not picky!  John will come home with a treat if he's knows that I'm having a bad day or just because! 

Other than chocolate there were lots of other ways John won my heart while we were dating:

1. Lots of Starbucks

2. He is always willing to watch my shows - like the Bachelor and General Hospital

3. He became a part of my family - instantly.  And I became a part of his.  After only dating for 6 months we sent out Christmas Cards! 

4. Speaking of Christmas - John totally gets how much I love this holiday!  He puts up with Christmas music from November 1st - January 1st. and lets me put up the tree the first weekend in November.  For our first married Christmas, we spent days going to every store I could think of (and back to a few store for a second look) so that I could find our perfect tree.  

5. He's my BEST FRIEND!  I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else!  John is the man I want by my side now and in 60 years! 

How John Keeps Winning My Heart Now That We Have Three Kids:

1. Bathtime.  Seriously if I don't have to give the kids a bath, it's a happy day!

2. Waking up early on Saturday morning to run out and get bagels.  John knows that after making breakfast all week, I need a break.  So he has been getting bagels every Saturday since Paisley was born!

3. Knowing when I need a minute to myself.  I don't have to tell him.  He just knows! 

4. Embracing the GIRL DAD!  He loves this role

5. When I see him in sweet moments with our girls, I fall in love over and over again! 

Don't forget to come back in 2 weeks for my next Show and Tell Tuesday!



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