Thursday, January 28, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Week #4

Day 21 - sweet goodnight hugs

Day 22 - Baths are this girls favorite!

Day 23 - When you wake up and only see white out your window #snowmageddon 

Day 24 - when it finally stopped snowing, the girls were excited to get out and play!  Thank you Corey for taking them out! 

Day 25 - John plowed snow from Friday night through Monday afternoon!  Needless to say these three little girls were VERY excited to see their Daddy! 

Day 26 - this is the face she makes when you say "Paisley show me your teeth!"

Day 27 - Lacie got a special peanut free treat after dinner!  Do you think she was excited?

1 comment:

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