Thursday, January 21, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Week 3

Day 14 - Green Smoothie...because I don't actually eat anything green...

Day 15 - I love when I catch them sitting like this!  The older they get, the more they fight...but they are still the very best of friends!  It makes me so happy! 

Day 16 - John's friend Joey came over and basically helped us move all of our furniture!  

Day 17 - all three of them line up for oils on their feet every single day!

Day 18 - Mommy's helper!

Day 19 - rocking matching outfits!  I talk about my love for matching outfits in my Momfessionals post which you can read here!

Day 20 - my sweet B ready for dance class.  I love how sweet she looks every single week! 

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