Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Momfessional Moments

It's Tuesday - Show and Tell Tuesday!

And I'm linking up over at Momfessionals to bring you my Momfessionals Moments!
You know those Mom Confessions.

The Potty Is Closed
Listen, like most people I hate public bathrooms.  I hate public bathrooms even more having two potty trained children.  Now I know my girls can hold it - Especially Lacie who sleeps for 13 hours at night without using the bathroom.  So sometimes when we are out in public, and one of my kids has to use the bathroom, I will tell them anything to get out of it...
*the bathroom here is closed for cleaning
*they don't have a potty here
*the potty doesn't open for another hour
And I am not above bribing them with a treat if they can hold it until we get home! 

I Lock the Door When I Go to the Bathroom
My kids always want to be around me and they will follow me into the bathroom.  Sometimes a Mama just needs a minute....or five. So when I go to the bathroom, I lock the door.  I may or may not even have to go to the bathroom!  

Bedtime is 6:30pm
ON THE DOT!  There are very few exceptions to the bedtime rule - Christmas Eve and Disney World have really been the only times my girls have stayed up significantly later.  I am a firm believer in a set bedtime.  Sometimes my girls are exhausted and fall asleep before I even get downstairs and turn on the monitor.  Other nights Lacie and Blakely can be heard talking to each other until after 8pm.  I don't care as long as they're in their room!  It gives John and me alone time every night - we eat dinner, watch our shows, and have a mini date night at home every single day! 

Cribs Til College
Speaking of bedtime...all three of my kids are still in cribs!  I love their cribs!  They really love their cribs - it's their safe space!  It keeps them in their bedroom.  No leaving for a drink of water, potty break, etc.  When I put my girls to bed and say "I will see you in the morning" I mean it!  Lacie had a toddler bed for a brief period of time, but that didn't work out.  I suppose I should put her in a bed before Kindergarten...

Artwork...Goes in the Garbage
I feel terrible even typing this but all of the papers that Lacie brings home from school goes straight into the garbage (I'm sorry Mrs. Latini).  But seriously I just cannot save all those papers and projects.  So far we've saved one piece for her forever bin and the Christmas ornaments she's made...but that's it.  I just cannot save everything! She has 13 years of school left...I have to be very selective about what I keep!  

No Craft Zone
Speaking of arts and crafts...I don't like them.  I want to - I really really want to be that crafty Pinterest-ing Mom...but I'm not.  It makes such a mess - it takes longer to set up and clean up than it does for the kids to do a project.  If you see any crafts around the house, Nana did it with them!  You know what I'm a big fan of - those Color Wonder coloring books and markers that do not write on anything else except the special paper! 

Lacie and Blakely can't read yet...but do you know what word they can read...Starbucks!  Anytime we are in the car and we pass a Starbucks they announce it! 
When we are having a really long day, I put the three kids in the car and head to the Starbucks...
and not the local Starbucks either...
I drive to the one in another town because it has a drive thru! 
When Lacie gets older (16 because that is how old you have to be to drink coffee in the Hilosky House) she's going to order a "Caramel Macchiato with extra drizzle."
Seriously, she has her order ready in 12 years! 

I know some mom's aren't into it...
But if I could I would have my kids wear matching clothes every single day! 
Not only do I think it's adorable but it is so much easier! 
If I ever send my kids to Catholic School it will be for the uniforms! 
I think public school should jump on the uniform bandwagon too!

I would love to hear about your Momfessional Moments!


  1. hysterical that they can read starbucks ;) its my go too as well!

  2. We might be the same person. I can relate to ALL of these-- especially if it's a poo in public bathrooms ;-s
    And I'm totally jealous of your 630 bedtime!!

    1. Ugh when the kids have to go #2 in public it is the worst!

  3. These seriously made me laugh out loud!!



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