Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

It's the last Wednesday of February, which is kind of hard to believe!  Today I am linking up to share my monthly What's Up Wednesday post! 

I'm answering these questions:

What We're Eating This Week

What I'm Reminiscing About
Lacie had Kindergarten Registration last week!
I mean how is she this big?!?

So of course, I am reminiscing about her being this little:
Don't blink Mamas because it goes by too fast! 

What I'm Loving 
My brand new recipe for Double Chocolate Neiman Marcus Bars.
They are seriously amazing!  And I'm not just saying that!  It's definitely time to make some more Neiman Marcus Bars...I'm thinking of some fun spring flavors now! 

What We've Been Up To
We've been busy!  Preschool, dance class, playdates, etc.  
And lots and lots of family time! 

What I'm Dreading
The only thing I dread about Spring is John's overtime starting back up with spring sports.  I hate when he works late every night!

What I'm Working On
A few new recipes for seasonal recipes and recipes for the upcoming holidays!!!  I can't wait to share them on the blog! 

What I'm Excited About
Spring!  I cannot wait for nice weather and warmer weather.  The winter always feels so much longer than the other seasons, mostly because we are stuck inside the house and it gets dark super early everyday!  But last weekend we got a little taste of spring weather and spent a ton of time outside which was great for everyone, especially Blakely.  She is my kid who needs the outside time the most! 

What I'm Watching/Reading
I am still watching all the same shows that I was last month - The Bachelor, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Vanderpump Rules!  
And two of my other favorite shows are back!!!
Grey's and Scandal! 

I didn't read a new book this month (it was just too busy) but I am reading Jesus Calling, which is a daily devotional.  I read it every morning, and my day is always much better when I've had a few quiet moments with this book! 

What I'm Listening To
I'm going to be totally honest, with the exception of the months of November and December, I am always listening to Bruce! 

What I'm Wearing
I am still wearing a ton of Lularoe Leggings!  I found the Disney Roses, which of course made me super happy! 

And when I wear leggings, I love to pair them with a long tunic style shirt!  A few that I am loving are:

What I'm Doing This Weekend
Hopefully a little bit of baking!
Some more outside time! 
And a mini date with my hubby <3

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month
St Paddy's Day

What Else Is New
Paisley turns 15 months old in 2 weeks.  Which is of course crazy because I just had her yesterday!  It's also the age Lacie was when B was born...again crazy! 
Sometimes she seems so big...but then I try to make her give up her morning nap and she falls asleep on me mid-morning and she's still my baby.  Paisley has always loved sleeping on me! 

What Is Your Favorite Easter Tradition
I'll be 100% honest, Easter was never my favorite of the holidays growing up.  But now having the kids, I love it!  I think doing an Easter Egg Hunt and having everyone over to the house for brunch are my two favorite traditions! 

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