Thursday, February 11, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 5 and 6

Day 28 - Lacie left school with Pop, her class mascot.  We got to keep him for a week.  She was really really excited (can you tell?!?)!

Day 29 - I love watching these two girls be sisters and best friends! 

Day 30 - Daddy's Girls (and Pop)! 

Day 31 - so wherever Lacie goes, Pop goes too! 

Day 32 - Middle/Little snuggles! 

Day 33 - We took Pop to Blakely's Park!

 Day 34 - Matching <3

Day 35 - our last day with Pop, so we headed to Michael's for some craft supplies.  We got to make a poster documenting Pop's time at our house! 

Day 36 - Sports Day at school in honor of Superbowl weekend!  And sports day wouldn't have been complete without a crown! 

Day 37 - Play dough birthday cakes!

Day 38 - This little preschooler worked so hard on her Valentine's Day cards for school...she had to write her name 15 times! 

 Day 39 - it was HAT DAY at school for Lacie...which of course meant B had to wear a hat too...


Day 41 - of course John and I had to try the new Molten Chocolate Flavor at Starbucks!  We tried the latte and the Frap! The latte won...probably because it's freezing in New Jersey! 

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