Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites: Summer

With only a few weeks of summer left, I thought I would do a Friday Favorites Summer Edition!

John's Vacation
John works so hard all year long - but especially during the school year!  The summer months are amazing because he's home early everyday and also takes a lot of days off!  This past week he took the entire week off and we had a fun "staycation" and did lots of family activities close to home! 

We kicked off Monday with a Day Date to Grub Burger Bar in Montgomeryville PA!  A good friend of ours just opened this location!  If you have one of these near you - definitely check it out! 

Tuesday we went to Build-A-Bear for the first time, and the kids had a blast!  I see lots of trips to this store in our future! 

Wednesday we went to Sesame Place!

Thursday we took a trip down the Jersey Shore to visit family that lives down there! The kids did lots of swimming in their pool! 

Today we are taking the older girls to their first movie!

Summer Treats
I have lots of recipes that I make only during the summer months!  Anything with tropical or summery fruit flavors and especially coconut!  Here are a few of my very favorites!

Blueberry Coffee Cake - this is hands down my favorite summertime recipe.  You can definitely make it with frozen blueberries all year round, but I only make it with fresh blueberries in the Summer Summer Summertime! 

Lemon Coconut Bars - these bars start with a cake mix and are loaded with coconut and white chocolate chips!  

Chocolate Coconut Neiman Marcus Bars - these bars are delicious!  They taste like a candy bar...but better!  I love the chocolate/coconut combination! 

Click Here to see my entire Summer Dessert collection! 

Buying these was the best investment I made in our summertime fun.  For $20 per kid I have had peace of mind in the pool all summer long.  Both girls are able to swim independently in the pool as long as they are wearing their puddle jumpers.  

The pink Native Shoes that my girls are wearing in the above picture have been my very favorite summer purchase for the kids.  They are so easy to clean.  My girls can put them on all by themselves.  They seem more comfortable and stay on their feet better than Crocs!  They wear them to the park, walk around in them all day at Sesame Place, wear them to the pool, etc.  We will definitely be getting Natives again next summer! 

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