Saturday, August 8, 2015

Daddy Saturdays

Yesterday, I shared with you that John was interested in writing a bit on this blog!  And I knew my readers would have questions for him.  So I thought it would be fun for him to answer some reader questions!

What is Your Favorite Thing that Lindsay Cooks
My favorite dinner is the Asian Inspired Chicken Stir Fry that Lindsay makes - with rice.  Tons of brown rice.

My favorite dessert is anything red velvet.  I love Lindsay's Red Velvet Cupcakes the most, followed by the Red Velvet Fudge Bars.

Is Your Favorite Color Pink
No blue is my favorite color, but pink is a close second.

What Are You Wearing
My Giants Shorts!  I have two pairs and I'm always wearing them whenever we hang out at home! 

What's Your Favorite Thing to do With Your Kids
My favorite thing I do with my kids is wake them up in the morning.  Seriously I love being able to run in there and wake them up whenever I have a day off work.  It's really simple things that I love - Eating pancakes or bagels together, watching TV with them, going to the pool, taking family walks etc.  I just love spending all of my free time with them.  Being a Dad is the most important thing that I do and my family will always come first.  

What a great First Blog Post by John!  Don't forget to comment with questions for next week's Daddy Saturday! 

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  1. I have the pleasure of working with John, and he is just the best! What a great family man. You have a wonderful family and I enjoy reading about your life, the girls are so stinking cute and you just seem like the best mom.



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