Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!  I am extra excited about this Friday because John is on vacation from work all next week!  So the girls get 9 straight days of Daddy being home to wake them up in the morning...and they are EXCITED!

Speaking of John being off - he really wants to participate in this blog!  He has been asking for awhile now for the opportunity to write a feature.  I love getting questions from my readers, and I think John would too!  If anyone has a question that they want John to answer - write it below in the comments or email me at and I can but together a fun Q&A for John! 

Now onto my favorites!  Here is what I am loving this week:

My Pink Watch

Eeek!  John surprised me for my 30th Birthday with this gorgeous pink Michael Kors Watch!  I love love love it!  And I was not expecting it at all.  In fact, I sent him an email with totally inexpensive earrings from the Nordy Anniversary Sale and thought I was getting them.  I was super shocked to open this pink watch!  It just screams LIFE IS BETTER IN PINK!

100 Days Until Disney 

I seriously got so excited when I logged into my MyDisneyExperience account and saw that we had reached 100 days to go!  The countdown has me looking at all things Disney!  And I could seriously write a post a mile long about all the Disney products I eye up on the daily - but these are a few of my favorites!

How cute is this Minnie Mouse Waffle Maker!  I know typically it's Mickey - but my girls are all about Minnie, especially Blakely.  I am definitely looking to get this for the fall so we can start a Disney Countdown with a special breakfast...maybe at the 50 days to go mark?!?
And as much as I've been in love with the Natives that I picked for the girls' summer shoes...I have been looking at these Frozen Crocs, which I know they would LOVE!  I think Lacie would be all about the Blue Sparkle ones!  They may work better since Lacie has always had tiny dancer feet!
For Paisley's Tiny Feet I just adore these Minnie Mouse Robeez.   I have emailed them to John more than once and said that Paisley needs these Minnie Robeez!  She has a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal that John's Parents got her for Christmas, and she adores it. I figure she will go crazy for these on her feet. Plus I just love Robeez on their feet from around 9-18 months!  They are perfect for babies learning to walk and for keeping socks on them in the winter!
Cinderella is Blakely's Favorite Princess
Belle is Lacie's Favorite Princess! It is a lot more difficult to find stuff with just Belle on it. Usually it's Belle with other characters.

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  1. Love your new pink watch! How exciting that you'll be visiting Disney so soon!

  2. Awesome watch and I love the waffle maker!



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