Saturday, August 15, 2015

Daddy Saturdays - John's Favorites

Lindsay always shares her weekly favorites up on the blog each Friday.  I thought it would be great to share my favorites for my second Daddy Saturday Post.

The Art of Shaving 
About a year ago Lindsay and I were at the mall and I noticed a new store called The Art of Shaving. I got suckered in to trying some of their products by the sales guy.  Plus Lindsay said I should buy the products and start taking better care of my skin - but to be honest she probably just wanted me to buy it so I would stop complaining about how much money she spends on skin care products.  So I went with the trial set.  You can pick different scents but I went with the Unscented for Sensitive Skin.  These products have made a huge difference in my skin and how I shave!  No more razor bumps.

My most favorite product from the set is the Pre Shave Oil.  This makes a big difference.  I get a much closer shave using this oil.
Next I use this shaving cream. It goes on really nice. The thing I like most about this is you only need a tiny bit to get a great lather.
Lindsay convinced me that I needed to use the brush because it would help exfoliate before shaving. It was weird to use at first but now I'm used to it. Using the brush cleans out my pores and helps me use less of the shaving cream because it creates a great lather. And I do get a closer shave when I lather with the brush.
The After Shave Balm gives your skin a cool fresh feeling after shaving.  And I think it prevents bumps.  I don't use any face creams or lotions so this stuff is really great.
I started with a trial kit and now Lindsay just orders what I need when I run out from Nordstrom.  I use a Gillette ProGlide Five Blade razor, but I am looking to upgrade in the future.
Reef Sandals 

 I was desperate for a new pair of sandals, so when Nordstrom was having their anniversary sale I ordered four pairs of sandals so that I could try them on and wear them around the house to see what was the most comfortable. The winner were these Reef Rover Sandals.  They have a lot of cushion - your feet feel like they are walking on carpet.  I need good arch support because flat sandals really hurt my feet.  These are my favorite everyday sandal - I wear them out with the kids to the park, the pool, etc.  

I also wanted a sandal that was a nicer leather - that I could wear in the summer if I needed to get dressed up. So I found these OluKai shoes and got them in the Rum Leather color - which is a deep brown. They are comfortable (but not as comfortable as the Reefs) and they have good arch support. They feel really good on my feet and you can tell that they are a good quality.

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