Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites: Lacie's BDay

Wednesday was Lacie's Birthday!!! She turned Four!  I will be talking about what we did for her special day in my Mommy Monday post next week.  For now, I thought I would share some of my favorites from her Fourth Birthday!  She got so many wonderful presents - clothes for school and new toys!  In fact this weekend, I will be working on purging some of her old things!

Her Birthday Princess Shirt

I found this shirt online - at Kohls - and it was super inexpensive and so cute!  I knew that Lacie would love a shirt with the number "4" on it as well as the saying "Birthday Princess" because Lacie is a total princess!  If you follow me on Instagram (@lindsayhilosky) than you know that Lacie has to wear her crown every single day.  They have other numbers as well (I saw 1-6).  

A New Lilipop 

Lili is Lacie's very favorite stuffed animal. She received it as a first birthday gift from our Aunt Kathy, and she just fell in love with it right away. Well last year and this year, Lili needed to be replaced! John's parents gave her new Lili as a gift.  Of course we keep her old ones.  Some kids have pacifiers, some kids have special blankets...Lacie has Lili.  Now she has three!  I don't think that we could ever part with any of her Lilies!  

Ballet Pajamas

 Lacie needed new pajamas for the Fall and I found these online and new that she would love them - because in addition to being a princess Lacie is also a ballerina! 
Red Velvet Fudge Bars

 Lacie requested these bars in addition to Ice Cream Cake! Every time I make them, I am reminded that they are my favorite bar!

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