Monday, August 3, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Happy Birthday To Me

My Mommy Monday posts are always about the kids, but today I am writing about ME!  Saturday August 1st was my birthday...and not just any birthday...the big 3-0!  Yikes!  I blogged last week about how I was dreading turning 30.  I wasn't necessarily dreading being 30 because of the number, but I was really sad to see my 20's end!  Lots of fantastic things happened in my 20's - the most wonderful being marrying John and having our three beautiful girls!

Celebrating my 30th with these three!  Notice how Lacie got to wear the birthday crown?!?  

And for fun I thought I would take a look back at all of my pregnant birthdays the past four years! 

Here I am on my 26th birthday - 9 months pregnant with Lacie!  She came a few weeks later! 

And my 27th Birthday!  Oh look I'm pregnant again!  More than halfway through my pregnancy with Blakely (I think I was about 24 weeks).  Notice the pack and play and baby bottles in the background.  That is because Lacie was still a baby!

Two pictures from my 28th birthday!  I wasn't pregnant this time around!  Lacie was almost 2 and an Blakely was going on 9 months!  PS - doesn't Paisley look exactly like B here?

And the last birthday of my 20's!!!  I turned 29 the same day I hit 19 weeks pregnant with Paisley.  Only we didn't know that she was a girl yet - we found out one week later!  When I was told to "make a wish" before blowing out my candles - I wished for a third baby girl!  I just knew we were meant to have three girls!  

This year, we ordered an ice cream cake so I didn't have to bake my own birthday treat!  But last year I was craving whoopie pies and made these lemon ones!  You can find the recipe HERE

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