Monday, August 31, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Lacie's Fourth Birthday

On August 19th, my first baby turned FOUR YEARS OLD! 

We woke up and I took my traditional "First Day as a __ year old" picture!

Here's Lacie Jane on her very first day as a four year old!  
You can see that Paisley didn't want to be left out of the action! 

Lacie got to walk downstairs to this birthday table! 

The first thing she did was put on her "4" crown! 

Then she got down to the business of opening presents!

Blakely got a present too! 

After presents, we had bagels for breakfast - which is what the birthday girl requested! 

Paisley and Daddy at breakfast! 

After breakfast we headed to Sesame Place where we did 3 rides before the power in the entire park went off.  We tried to wait it out with snacks, but gave up after about 30 minutes and went home (thank goodness we did because the power was apparently out for another hour).  

The girls got a bath and took a nap, so they would be ready to celebrate!  Here's Lacie showing that she is 4!  

As soon as Lacie woke up, the birthday crown went back on!  Everyone came over and there were lots more presents to open.  We ate pizza - also per Lacie's request! 

Then it was time for dessert!  Lacie wanted a PINK ice cream cake!  

Happy 4th Birthday Lacie Jane! 

This was the Birthday Princess Shirt that Lacie wore for her birthday:

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