Thursday, January 23, 2014

#hiloskyeveryday2014 Week 4

It's Thursday, so that means it's time for a new #hiloskyeveryday2014 post!  It's Week #4!

Day 17 - Blakely's First Pigtails!  This is a milestone for sweet little B, as she will endure years of Mama doing her hair before she is big enough to do it herself!  Lacie was sporting pigtails wayyyy earlier because she had a lot more hair!  

Day 18 - It's Saturday and in our house that means we enjoy Pancake Breakfast!  Whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes to be exact!  This is Lacie's plate!  My little girl eats a lot!  You can find the recipe for the pancakes here! 

Day 19 - Sunday morning cookie adventures!  Lacie was super excited to make these princess cookies with Daddy! 

Day 20 - We took a family walk to get a little fresh air before the snowstorm! 

Day 21 - Lacie was exhausted!  It took two people (me and Blakely) to wake her up from her nap!  

Day 22 - After 29 hours of plowing snow, Daddy finally came home from work just in time to read stories before nap! 

Day 23 - While this may not seem like anything special it really is...see I left the room for 5 whole minutes and I came back to this - two girls reading quietly!  I was definitely expecting the room to be destroyed! 

And for a few more random pictures from the week! 

Waiting to be let out of the gate! 

Daddy carrying Lacie and Blakely (and a few stuffed animal friends) downstairs! 

Happy B! 

Wake Up Lacie!!! 

MSU Pride! 

Lacie loves her poncho!  It makes her feel like a princess! 

Playing with her new mermaid! 

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