Thursday, January 30, 2014

#hiloskyeveryday 2014 Week 5

Today is January 30th...which means that I am 30 days (or 1 month) into my picture a day resolution for 2014!  Yay Me!

Here's Week #5 

 Day 24 - My sweet Lacie Jane feeding her bitty baby "Molly" a nice big bowl of strawberries and kiwis!  She's such a good little Mama! 

Day 25 - Flipping through the Victoria's Secret Catalog that came in that day's mail and I happen upon this quote...and oh my is it the truth!  It's a Lacie World! 

Day 26 - Lacie's Post Bath Cheese!  She loves being wrapped in her towel like a "big girl."

Day 27 - This is the first thing I see when I walk in the girls' bedroom to wake them up!  Am I one lucky Mama or what?

 Day 28 - Time for a little yoga!  And yoga is just more relaxing on a PINK mat!  Namaste! 

 Day 29 - This is what happens after nap!  The girls want to be in the same crib so that they can chat about their sweet dreams!  Lacie had a dream about mermaids...which Blakely thought was very funny! 

Day 30 - Lacie's morning "cheese."  I love her all the time, but I especially like when she is a happy girl!  Maybe she's happy because it's payday?!?  

A few more pictures from Week 5...

 Blakely feeding both bitty babies! 

 A Lacie Selfie!

 Wake up Lacie! 

 Seriously Lacie wake up!  Time to play!

Post Nap Kisses!  They are sisters and best friends!  Something that I pray will always remain the same as they grow!  

Helping Mommy with the daily load of laundry! 

I said "Blakely say cheese." And she actually did! 

Hanna Andersson

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