Monday, November 25, 2013

Mommy Mondays - Starting Christmas Traditions

Last week's Mommy Mondays post shared a peak into how we had already begun the process of decorating for Christmas (by far the most wonderful holiday)!!!  If you missed that post, you definitely want to check it out by clicking here.  You can see how our Elf on the Shelf - Cocoa - made her debut and brought with her a letter from Santa!  You can also see some adorable pictures of the girls in their Christmas Gingerbread pajamas.  In my opinion, there is nothing cuter than kids decked out in Christmas gear - outfits, dress clothes, pajamas, santa hats, etc - I love it all!  So of course we have lots more holiday pjs to wear all winter long!

 Lacie looked adorable in her snowman pjs from Aunt Laura.  She actually wanted to sit in the chair and take a picture in them...of course I told her that I couldn't really see the snowman so then I got the second pose!   

Sweet B was being shy, but you get the idea of how adorable she looked too! 

Now let's talk about our Elf on the Shelf Cocoa!  We are having so much fun with this brand new Christmas tradition.  I love that we are starting something that will be a part of the Christmas season for us for many years to come!  Lacie loves to wake up in the morning and look for Cocoa.  She gets so excited when she finds her!  And even though Blakely is only one, she knows who Cocoa is and loves to point and wave at her!  So far Cocoa's morning spots have been pretty simple, but we are starting to run out of these easy spots in our tiny Cocoa is going to have to start being a bit more creative! 

Cocoa's original spot on the day she arrived from the North Pole! 

Cocoa decided she wanted to hang out on the corner of the TV!  She really got to watch everything Lacie and Blakely did that day! 

Here's Cocoa on the banister that is right outside the girls' bedroom door!  They were so excited to see her first thing in the morning when it was time to go downstairs for breakfast! 

Cocoa landed in Daddy's stocking because it happens to be the one stocking that is out of their reach! 

Last night, Cocoa snuck into Lacie and Blakely's room while they were sleeping and positioned herself on the princess tissue box so that she could watch over their cribs.  The girls went nuts when they woke up this morning! 

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