Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween - Welcome Christmas!

It's November 1st and do you know what that means?!?!  Before I did anything this morning (before I even made myself a cup of coffee) it was time to turn on the:
So of course, I needed to start with my all time favorite Christmas album...The *NSync Home for Christmas album! 

You're laughing at me...stop!  This is by far one of the most fantastic Christmas albums of all time.  Listening to the sweet sounds of Justin Timberlake singing holiday tunes puts a smile on my face - every.single.time! 

But I'm totally getting ahead of myself...lets talk about Halloween!!!!  We had a blast trick or treating and celebrating this special holiday last night!  Lacie is now two years old, and this was her third Halloween!  She really understood some of the tradition this year!  In the morning she got to make her very own batch of Halloween cookies.  Yes, they are just those Pillsbury break and bake holiday cookies, but she had so much fun arranging them on the cookie sheets.  Then, she sat on that chair and watched through the oven door the entire time they were baking!  She was so excited for her cookies that I may have accidentally made sure one cookie broke so that she got a sneak peak!  Even though it was 10 a.m. 

After nap time, we got the girls dressed and ready for trick or treating!  Lacie just had to be the little mermaid!  It is her favorite princess, and she was absolutely insistent on being the mermaid!  Well, they don't make mermaid costumes in her teeny tiny size.  They really just make them for older girls and the ones that are for little kids don't look like the mermaid in Lacie's eyes!  Nana to the rescue!  She found a nightgown that Lacie thought was just perfect!  Aunt Laura discovered a fantastic headband to complete the look!  Lacie won't normally wear headbands...well she kept this one on all night!  
Could she be any cuter?

And sweet little Blakely...she was a pig!  The cutest pig there ever was!  John's Grandmom Jean, who sadly never got to meet either of our girls (she did know that Lacie was on the way...she knew before even I knew...but that's a sweet story for another day) loved pigs!  She collected cute little pig items and had them around her house.  In honor of Grandmom Jean's memory we made Lacie a pig for Halloween 2012 and then Blakely got to be the pig this Halloween!  Pictures do not do her justice.  She looked adorable in this outfit and kept it on all night long (unlike Lacie last year who lasted maybe about 15 minutes)!  We finally had to take it off because she was sweating on our unusually warm Halloween! 
Daddy and Sweet B

Even Nana got in on the Trick or Treat fun! 

We spent the night celebrating and catching up with family!  John's Aunt Kathy and cousin Kelly stopped by with her three children!  They were Spiderman, Bat Woman, and a slice of pepperoni pizza!  Then, my parents and sister came for the trick or treat fun...we only went to about six or seven houses.  John's parents came just in time for dinner and dessert!  

I was a super proud mom last night!  Lacie is very shy, but at every house she said "Trick or Treat" and "Happy Halloween" and "Thank You" in her quiet, sweet little Lacie voice...the voice that she uses whenever we are out and about - because at home she is anything but quiet!  She was so excited to grab all of the candy and put it in her bag and Blakely's bag too!  Of course, because of Lacie's peanut allergy she is not keeping any of the candy!  But don't feel bad for her...the Switch Witch came last night while she was asleep!  The Switch Witch brought Lacie toys, lip gloss (her favorite), and safe treats!  This is something that we will do for her every year so that she does not feel left out of the celebrating!  

For any other mamas of kids with food allergies...I took a Halloween poem and changed the words to make it about the Switch Witch and food allergies - specifically peanut allergies!  Feel free to use the poem and change the words to meet your child's allergy needs! 

The Switch Witch

Have you heard about the Switch Witch
She wears a pointy hat
She’s hunting for nutty candy
To feed her little black cat

He loves to eat Snickers
And chomp some peanut chews
If there is anything else unsafe for you 
He will surely want that too

After trick or treating
Pick out a few safe treats to keep
Then put everything else in a bucket
To swap while you are asleep

Once you are off in dreamland
The Switch Witch will drop in
She’ll take that unsafe candy
And put some new things in your bin

You might wake up to find a toy
Some stickers or a book
Something for your piggy bank
All better things than what she took

So give the witch your unsafe treats
For her little black cat to eat 
And in the morning there will be 
The best Switch for you to greet 

Happy Halloween!!! Welcome Christmas Season!!!

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