Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Wednesday

Today's post is going to be short and sweet, because I have two bigger and better posts planned for Thursday and Friday!

I am so thankful that it is already Wednesday!  That means John only has one more day of work before a three day weekend to celebrate Sweet B's first birthday!

Speaking of Blakely - the pox are on their way out the door!  It has been one week since the appearance of any new pox which means she is no longer contagious!  Woohoo!  She has also given up the "baba."  And by this I mean I cut her off the "baba" (we had been gradually decreasing her bottles for awhile).  She didn't miss them...until bedtime.  Ohh that first night was rough but last night (night 2) was much MUCH better.  NO MORE BOTTLES TO WASH!!!  She is even starting to come around on the milk, although I don't hold onto too much hope - no one else in the family likes milk!
Last Bottle! 

Drinking whole milk out of her sippy! 

We have been a little Blakely-focused because of the pox, but I just love my sweet Lacie Jane!  This is the face that I get to see every night when I tuck her in!  I am a lucky mama! 

Yesterday, we received our monthly K-Cup shipment.  Oh when those boxes show up on my doorstep it is a good day!  I was even more excited that this delightful, seasonal flavor was in this month's delivery! 

Today I did our family food shopping, and Wegmans is already stocked with holiday cheer and food!  These were a part of the Christmas display! If you don't already know, I am a bit obsessed with these little gems of candy coated chocolate.  I swear John and I lost five pounds each when Easter was over this year and we stopped eating these little chocolate eggs every single night while sitting on the couch.  I did not know that they made CHRISTMAS ONES!!!  And when I turned them over to read the label and I saw that they are SAFE for my peanut free princess to enjoy, I felt like crying tears of joy and said a "thank you Jesus" prayer right there in the aisle.  Honestly, I said those three words out loud I was so excited! 

Tomorrow's post will be my first Christmas Cookie Post!  Get excited!!! 

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