Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy First Birthday Blakely Hope

I cannot believe that my sweet little B is turning 1!!! Seriously, where did this year go?  I feel like I blinked and she went from a brand new little snuggle bug to a walking (practically running) one year old!

Let's rewind to Thursday November 15, 2012 at 8:55a.m.  That was the moment that sweet Blakely Hope Hilosky was born!  She weighed...wait for it...9lbs 2oz! She was a BIG baby!  But she was also the perfect baby!  Happy and snuggly and, most importantly, healthy!  This year has been full of so many wonderful moments of joy and laughter!  At the same time, having two kids under the age of two definitely can try your patience in moments.  In the end, I couldn't be any more blessed!

Let's take a look back at some first year moments...

See how big she was!  No wonder those last few weeks were so uncomfortable!  The nurses actually had to go find size 1 diapers for her because the newborn ones did not fit!  

Love at First Sight!

Proud Daddy!

Lacie and Blakely meeting for the first time!

I know this post is about Blakely...but let's really stop for a moment and reflect on how little Lacie was when she became a big sister!  She was 15 months old!  She wasn't even walking at this point!

Here is sweet Blakely hope at one week old...already smiling!

She was the happiest little sleeper!  By 8 weeks she was sleeping 11 straight glorious hours through the night!  John and I were two very blessed parents!


First Holy Sacrament (she cried the whole time).  She couldn't wait to get out of that dress! 

Blakely has the same beautiful blue eyes that Lacie does!  Lucky Girls! 

Bathtime bunny! 

First Saint Patrick's Day! That smile!!!

At her first party! 

This picture always brings a tear to my eye...always! 

Always snuggling! 

My first Mother's Day as a mommy of two!  They are my greatest blessings! 

Six Months Old! 

In our house, we cheer for the Yankees! And we firmly stand by the statement that in a perfect world, everyone would be Yankees fans! 

Puffs?  You want me to chew food now?  I don't know about this! 

I must have over 100 pictures of this child with her tongue out (starting with one on the day she was born)

At the pool! 

Blakely's first 4th of July! 

Happy to be in her PINK stroller! 

Celebrating Lacie Jane's Second Birthday


Eating her very first pancake (and loving every bite).

First time at the beach...she wanted to run right into the ocean!

Loves to play outside!

One Year Old!

Me and my big girl!

John and I want a nice family photo...the girls just want cupcakes!

Sweet B loved every sweet bite of her first cupcake!
Today was perfect <3

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