Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  Even though it is not my top favorite holiday (like CHRISTMAS), I still love Thanksgiving.  I love eating a special meal with family, and I love taking time to be thankful for all of our amazing blessings!

Let's look back at some Thanksgivings of years past!

Thanksgiving 2004 - Me and Laura!  My goodness we were young! 

Thanksgiving 2006 - our very first Thanksgiving together!  We had only been dating for 5 months!

 Thanksgiving 2010 - we celebrated Thanksgiving and our Godson Cuincy's birthday on the same day!  This was also the exact day I said to John, "Hey maybe we should start trying for a baby."  And well two days after Christmas, we found out that we were expecting Lacie Jane! 

Thanksgiving 2011- Lacie's First Thanksgiving - She was 3 months old!  Here she is sound asleep in her swing which, at the time, was the only place she would sleep. 

Lacie doing tummy time (something she hated) while watching the Thanksgiving Day parade! 

Our Little Pumpkin! 

Our First Thanksgiving as a family of three...little did we know that there would be one more by the following Thanksgiving! 

Lacie may look so different now but she still makes that face.  

Thanksgiving 2012 - Blakely was exactly ONE WEEK OLD!  She was brand new for her first Thanksgiving and slept through most of it! 

Mommy was exhausted but so incredibly thankful to have two healthy baby girls!

The only picture of Lacie Jane from Thanksgiving 2012.  We were just so busy juggling two babies!  Oh yeah, AND Lacie decided to walk for the first time on Thanksgiving Day 2012!!! Just in case we didn't already have our hands full! 

 Good night Thanksgiving 2012!  In addition to being thankful for two healthy babies, we are thankful for a baby who liked to sleep and understood the difference between day and night (because the first baby did not)! 

Sweet Dreams! 

I can't wait to celebrate Thanksgiving 2013 tomorrow! 

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