Thursday, October 30, 2014

#hiloskyeveryday2014 Weeks 43 and 44

Day 290 - my sweet girls always holding hands!  

Day 291 - getting ready to head out to a party!  

Day 292 - 30 Week Bump! 

Day 293 - Having a sister means having someone to do your hair! 

Day 294 - Heath Bar Crunch to celebrate our engagement anniversary! 

Day 295 - Dance Class Wednesday!

Day 296 - Lacie's new North Face arrived in the mail!  She is in love with it!

Day 297 - Cuddling with Blakely Hope before bed! 

Day 298 - At Sesame Place for the Day!  Lacie's new favorite ride is the swings! 

Day 299 - My 31 Week Baby Bump!

Day 300 - her face when she rides her bike is priceless!

Day 301 - I was busy making dinner and I peaked in to see what was going on and they were just hanging out playing with dolls! 

Day 302 - My sweet little Queen Elsa at her Halloween Dance Class! 

Day 303 - 'twas the day before Halloween and Wegmans already had all of their Christmas stuff on full display!  I know people hate this, but I love it!  I cannot wait for Christmas every year, but this year I am extra excited for the arrival of this holiday! 

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