Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday to all of my wonderful Blog Readers!  We made it through another week, and I am definitely looking forward to the weekend!  I have lots of favorites to share with you today!

1. Pumpkin Caramel Kiss Cookies
Okay this recipe is hands down my favorite new recipe that I have made this fall.  It is a super simple cake mix recipe full of festive autumn flavor.  Pumpkin and cinnamon with a chocolate caramel kiss on top.  I made these cookies on Monday, and they were all gone by Wednesday night!  I highly suggest you get a box of Pumpkin Cake Mix and make these cookies ASAP!

2. Sister Shirts

Okay so I may be a little bit obsessed with browsing online stores to find the cutest sister shirts!  Since we are going to be a family of 3 little princesses ages 3 and younger in 9 weeks or less, I have been trying to find all of the "sister" things that I can!  But seriously, the best parts of my day are watching my two girls love each other, and I cannot wait to see the role they will take when Paisley is born!  My girls are currently in love with their little sister/big sister Frozen shirts that were a gift from their Grandmom and Grandpop!  They also have those Carter's Big Sister shirts waiting in the closet for the day Paisley is born!  And I really really think I need to purchase those Dear Santa shirts! 

3. Bedtime Snuggles
Lately John has been working tons and tons of overtime.  Seriously, he is the hardest worker I know (other than my own Dad growing up).  So I have been trying to keep the girls up a bit later so that they get to see him before going to bed.  Our new bedtime routine now includes going into Mommy and Daddy's bed for a snuggle and one episode of Princess Sofia before bed.  They only get to do this if they are well behaved, and since that time from 5:30 - 6:30 can get a little dicey in the behavior department (I call it the witching hour) this is extra good incentive!  Lacie always has to lay on Mommy's side and Blakely lays on Daddy's pillow.  They want their BlaBla dolls and snuggly blankets.  They are very particular about their snuggle sessions!

4. Our New Summer Infant Video Monitor
We have had this Summer Infant monitor for about a month now, and I waited to write about it until I was sure that we really loved it...and we do!  We had a Motorola monitor that broke twice in two years, and we definitely needed something new.  After much research I decided on this one and I love it.  My favorite feature is the split screen, meaning that I can see both girls at the same time.  You can see up to four cameras at once, which will be awesome once Paisley is born!

5. 30 Weeks Today
I love my little What to Expect app on my iPhone.  I mean I already know what to expect, but I really just love the countdown!  I feel like this pregnancy is going by pretty fast!  I also love that even though it tells me I have 10 weeks to go until my due date, which is December 26th, I really only have 9 weeks to go since I will need to have a repeat c-section!  I am already scheduled to have this little girl on December 19th unless she decided to come even sooner than that!  

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  1. The sister shirts are adorable. They have lots on Etsy too! Those cookies look amazing. I might need to try them out this weekend!
    Stopping by from Friday Favorites!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ida! Etsy has the very best stuff, I can get into a bit of trouble if I go on there too much...I just want everything! I hope you liked the cookies :)

  2. Stoppping in from Andrea's linkup. Those cookies look great...I may have to try them today! Isn't it great being able to schedule when your baby will arrive!! My second one was scheduled for Dec 28. So nice to have everything planned out beforehand!

    1. I am so grateful for the chance to schedule when I will have my baby this time around, especially since my true due date is December 26th! I love that I can plan to not be in the hospital for Christmas! Thanks for stopping by!



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