Thursday, October 16, 2014

#hiloskyeveryday2014 Weeks 40 and 41 and 42

WOW!  We have lots of #hiloskyeveryday2014 catching up to do!

Day 269 - Sweet Goodnight Kisses!

Day 270 - Blakely takes her art work very seriously!

Day 271 - 27 Weeks Baby Bump!  Paisley Jean is growing! 

Day 272 - I never ever get to capture pictures of this little one sleeping because she hears me as soon as I open her bedroom door.  She must have been extra tired this day! 

Day 273 - The day that I had to take the one hour glucose test for gestational diabetes!  This stuff is awful...but thankfully I passed!  

Day 274 - On her way to dance class with her Ladybug Bag and Lilipop! 

Day 275 - We're always in a good mood when we wake up in Halloween Pajamas!

Day 276 - We're working on riding bikes in the Hilosky House...right now it's a bit of a challenge but at least we get to wear princess crowns while we do it! 

Day 277 - the very best sisters in the whole wide world!  I cannot wait to add another sister to this group! 

Day 278 - 28 Weeks!!!!!!

Day 279 - a Lacie Selfie!

Day 280 - who doesn't love bath time?

Day 281 - another Wednesday, another dance class!  She loves being a ballerina! 

Day 282 - I mean could she be any cuter?  She picked out her shirt and requested her hair in pigtails....and then wanted me to take a picture! 

Day 283 - Big Sister Practice! 

Day 284 - This is how we wake Daddy up on the weekends!

Day 285 - I can't believe we are at the 29 week mark already! 

Day 286 - no matter how big my first baby gets, she will always look so cute in a pair of feetie pajamas!

Day 287 - Blakely spends a lot of her day copying Lacie and doing Ballerina poses...I think she believes that if she does this enough she will get to go to dance class too! 

Day 288 - At least once a day, Lacie asks me to take her picture.  Then she says "Mommy this be the everyday!"  

Day 289 - Our morning started out a bit rainy, and Blakely did not want to get out of bed! 

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