Monday, July 28, 2014

Mommy Mondays: Baby Sibling Love

I really had intended on a different post today, but then something wonderful happened this morning and I just had to share it with my readers!

I was getting Blakely dressed on the changing table in the girls' shared bedroom when she began pointing to my ever-growing belly bump!  So I started talking about it with her...
"What's in Mommy's tummy?"
"That's right a new baby."

When all of the sudden, Lacie runs over from the other side of the room and starts to say...
"Hi Baby Sister" (boy oh boy will she be disappointed if it is a boy)
"Love You Baby"

She was rubbing and hugging and kissing my tummy!  It was just the most amazing moment!  I so wish that someone had been home with me at the time to witness this moment.  Thank goodness my cell phone was within arms reach so I could grab it super quickly and capture this precious moment (of course that is why the pictures are a bit blurry).  Mamas - always have your phones ready to take pictures at all times!

Saying "Hi" to the baby! 

Giving the baby kisses! 

And giving the baby a hug! 

When I asked Blakely (who was still hanging out completely naked at this point) if she wanted to give the baby a kiss too, I got this instead....

lol that's her true personality right there! 

And for my sweet readers who are keeping track of the bump, it's currently Week 18!  We are counting down the days until August 6th when we find out if this is a Baby Girl or Boy!  Of course I am keeping my fingers crossed that the baby cooperates and lets us get a good look!

Me at 18 weeks! 

Our 18 Weeks board! 

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