Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hilosky Family Party of 5!!!!

Last Friday, we made a pretty big announcement....

The entire Hilosky Family was super excited to announce that one very special Christmas present is already on the way!  Hooray for Baby #3!  

I've always known that I wanted a big family.  When I met John, I told him *on our very first date* that I wanted kids...four to be exact...and if he didn't see kids in his future then there was really no point in continuing further into a relationship.  Boy am I lucky that he didn't think I was crazy!  And here we are, five years into our marriage, and Baby #3 is on the way!!!

Our chalkboard announcement!

I am due December 26th!  This day also happens to be my mom's birthday!  It would be awesome for this little girl or boy to share that special day with my Mom, but I have a feeling he/she will have their own birthday!  
Last Friday Marked 12 Weeks!!!

Oh and in case you were wondering where all my food recipes have gone...they have temporarily been traded for lots of morning sickness!  Something I did not have one bit of with Lacie or Blakely, which of course already has me thinking Baby #3 is a BOY!  Of course I am always wrong!

Blakely Hope wearing the I'm the Big Sister shirt, passed down to her from Lacie!  

And here's a sweet picture of Lacie Jane, just in case you were wondering what Lacie looked like when she announced to the world that she was going to be a big sister!  Yes she was only 6 months old!  And yes everyone thought we were crazy!  It was the best thing we have ever done!  

And don't worry, that morning sickness is going away so new recipes will be up soon! 

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