Thursday, June 19, 2014

#hiloskyeveryday2014 Week 25

Day 164 - This was a very special day for the Hiloskys!  It was the day we announced to the world that we will be a family of five this Christmas!  Here Blakely is wearing a shirt that says "I'm the Big Sister."  This was Lacie's shirt when we announced that we were expecting Blakely!  You can read more about our announcement and see the announcement picture here! 

Day 165 - Spending some time at our pool! 

Day 166 - Happy Father's Day!  What's a better present then some morning snuggles!?!

Day 167 - Every year our church holds a carnival to raise money for the parish and the school!  This was Lacie's second year attending and her very first time riding a ride all by herself.  She was super excited to sit there like a big girl...but then the ride started and I think she got a bit scared!  I was still a very proud Mama! 

Day 168 - Lacie was finally able to keep her burger on the roll the entire time she ate it! 

Day 169 - This is Blakely's "I love Mommy's crockpot pulled pork tacos" face! 

Day 170  - Today was opening day at the u-pick Organic Blueberry Farm by our house!  Of course Lacie and I were there first thing this morning!  It was special Mommy/Lacie time!  My bucket was full but most of Lacie's blueberries ended up in her tummy! 

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