Thursday, July 31, 2014

#hiloskyeveryday2014 Week 31

Day 206 - a typical day at the Hilosky House!  Changing the Bitty Babies outfits more than we change our own outfits!  

Day 207 - Week 18 Baby Bump! 

Day 208 - Blakely decided it would be a good day to test out the Jumperoo for Baby #3!  It still works! 

Day 209 - Such a sweet moment!  Lacie wanted to give her new baby some kisses.  You can read more about how this happened here

Day 210 - Nothing better than a little run with my girls to start the day!  The weather in the mornings has been perfect! 

Day 211 - a little bedtime reading!  No not a story...just perusing the new American Girl catalogue.  

Day 212 - Don't you love being woken up to a nice tackle hug from your big sis?!?


  1. Your girls are too cute! And congrats on #3!! Are you going to find out what you're having? I love all the pink you have going on. I have 4 boys,, some days I wish I had a little pink in my house too :) Amy

    1. Thank you for your sweet words about my girls! Yes, we will find out this week actually! I am very excited to find out if we will have a bit more pink in our house or a little spot of blue (which would be a big change for me)! Four boys must really keep you busy! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. My granddaughter will have another baby in December. She has three little boys.
    We are going to be surprised this time. (Kinda fun, we think!) But prayers are appreciated, whatever the outcome!

    1. Congratulations! I will be praying for a healthy baby! I love when people wait to be surprised but I could never do it! Waiting 20 weeks was hard enough....wondering whether this baby would be a girl or boy was actually keeping me up at night!



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