Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Favorite Things Party!!!

Today I am linking up with two really fun blogs A Little Bit of Everything and Momfessionals for a Favorite Things Party, and I am sharing a few of my favorite things under $10! 

1. Mustela Hydra-Stick with Cold Cream Balm
This little stick is amazing and it's only $9.50 (with Free Shipping!) at Nordstrom!  This amazing little stick is like chapstick for your face.  I use this stuff on my girls' beautiful faces all winter long and it keeps their skin from getting dry.  Of course all the time spent in the pool and sun this summer is making for some dry skin too, so I have this on my list of things I must order this week! It is also perfect for newborns!  I swear that this stuff cleared up baby acne in one day flat and got rid of all that peel-y skin that newborns have!  I would bring this stick to a desert island!

2. Taste of Home Halloween and Fall Cookbooks
Now don't get me wrong, I love love love summer!  But we have been having some really cool mornings in New Jersey, and this weather has me thinking about how I cannot wait for Fall baking and holidays...especially Halloween!  And Taste of Home (in my opinion), publishes some of the yummiest seasonal recipes out there! This particular Halloween addition is only $5.00 right now!  But I can always find them for $9.99 or less!

3. Market Pantry Butterscotch Chips
This Mama has been having a major butterscotch craving for the last two weeks!  And these chips have gone a long way in satisfying that craving.  You can check out my recipe for Blakely's Butterscotch Crispies and look for a new butterscotch recipe coming later this week!  Oh yeah and these babies can be found for less than $3.00 at your local Target!

4. Kiwi Crate Monthly Subscription
With Lacie's birthday less than a month away, we have been thinking long and hard about gifts for our special girl.  There really isn't much that she needs (if anything) but I saw this subscription for a monthly box that shows up at the door with art projects in it!  I love the idea of being able to have some special Mommy/Lacie time to work on art projects, something that Lacie is beginning to love to do!  They start at age three and go up to age eight!  Each monthly box is $19.95 but this coupon makes it less than $10.00!

Kiwi Crate


  1. I need to try that stick this winter with my kiddos!! Thanks so much for linking up!!

    1. That stick will change your life, I promise!

  2. Those butterscotch chips and Taste of Home fall recipes have me ready to break out the pumpkins! Love it!! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. I know! The best thing about fall is the food that goes with the season! Thanks for reading!



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