Monday, June 6, 2016

Mommy Mondays: Lacie's Preschool Graduation

I feel like just yesterday I was blogging about this:
Lacie's First Day of School Ever! 

And then I blinked, and we ended up here:

I mean, look at how much she grew in a year! 

We kicked off Lacie's graduation activities last week with her Lunch Bunch Tea!  Lunch Bunch is what they call the extended day program at her preschool.  Lacie started the school year going from just 9-11:30am everyday.  Then in January, I signed her up for Lunch Bunch, which extended her day all the way to 3pm on Monday/Wednesday/Friday!  I did this so she could have some experience with a full day before heading to Kindergarten in September! 

Lacie with her Lunch Bunch teachers, Mrs. Hutchinson and Mrs. Dixon! 

For the Lunch Bunch Tea, the kids prepared food and served the parents!  It was really really sweet! 

Then came the big day!
Lacie and her wonderful preschool teacher Mrs. Latini!  Lacie loved her, and she was the perfect person to be Lacie's first teacher!  We had a bit of a rocky start with tears at drop off everyday! For the entire month of September.  However, tears turned into excitement and Lacie grew to LOVE preschool.  In fact, back in March when we all suffered a round of the stomach bug...Lacie cried because I told her that she couldn't go to school! 

During her favorite song, Music Music Music! 

Getting her cap!

With some of her friends after graduation!  

I shared in the beginning of the year that this was my preschool too!  I graduated from St. Marks Nursery School back in 1990!  
So it was important to me to recreate this special picture from my own graduation!  
My parents and me in 1990.
My parents and Lacie in 2016! 

And just like that, we have a Kindergartener! 

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  1. Oh where does the time go?! We have 'lunch bunch' for my little one's school too. She starts next year!



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