Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!!

Today I am linking up and bringing you my favorites from this week (and last week too)! 

I've talked about my love for Essential Oils on this blog before!  But I have to say it again....these oils have changed my life!  We use oils all day, everyday - me, John, the kids...anyone who walks into our home gets oiled!  I promise I will do a huge post dedicated to oils soon (it's in the works, we've just been busy busy busy)!
But if you've been thinking about diving into the world of essential oils, TODAY IS YOUR DAY! 
You can use this link to order your kit:

Lacie's Preschool Graduation
As of last week, my first baby is a Kindergartner!  I blogged about it on Mommy Monday, but I still had to reshare my very favorite picture from that day!
We recreated this picture of my parents with Lacie and my parents!  Same preschool, 26 years later! 

John is 34
Last week, my wonderful husband turned 34!  We celebrated with a day off from work (for him) and a day date!!! 

The Honest Company Swim Diaper
I've blogged about my love of The Honest Company before.  We use all of their products!
*Diapers for Paisley
*Sunscreen for the Family
*Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash for the girls
*Clearning products for our kitchen and bathroom

But one of my very favorite things is their reusable swim diapers!  They are so so so cute!  And they are reusable!  We go swimming everyday in the summer, so this really saves us a lot of money!  Did I mention that they are way cuter than the disposable ones?!?!  I just put a swim shirt and one of these reusable swim diapers on Paisley and she is good to go! 

Speaking of Bathing Suits

 I am in love with these Carter's suits that my in laws bought the girls for Easter! I love when they have swim shirts, because their pale skin is better protected from the sun....and basically my girls are so fair that you can see through their skin! Plus the Mermaid is adorable!

Babo Swim and Sport Spray 
Like I mentioned, we swim everyday! So it's a safe bet that my girls get that dry, tangled hair from chlorine! We love love love this spray and use it before and after swimming! I went through quite a bit last summer and just grabbed a new bottle for this summer!
What Are You Loving This Week?


  1. Lindsay- do the swim diapers just go right in the washing machine?

    1. Yup they go right in the wash Megan 😊 They are seriously the best !!

    2. Yup! I just wash with all the bathing suits!

  2. umm those girls are the cutest my friend and i need to get those swim diapers from my little toddler! they seem to be perfect! Saying hi from the link up :) Hope you'll stop by and see my favorites too! happy friday friend!



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