Thursday, June 23, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 22 and 23

Day 148 - The first time Paisley rode the carousel, she didn't love it!  Now we can't get her off of it! Sesame Place with Nana and Aunt Laura! 

Day 149 - Kicking off Memorial Day weekend with a swim in our pool! 

Day 150 - Sesame Place for the day! 

Day 151 - ending Memorial Day Weekend with another trip to Sesame Place!

Day 152 - Wegmans with my three girls...

Day 153 - Happy Birthday Daddy! 

Day 154 - Officially a PreK graduate! 

Day 155 - Paisley Jean #daddysgirl 

Day 156 - Corey's first time at Sesame Place! 

Day 157 - Happy Birthday Grandpop! 

Day 158 - building towers taller than herself! 

Day 159 - The Hilosky Girls Voted! 

Day 160 - Thanks Joey for helping Aunt Laura move into her new place! 

Day 161 - A crazy game of Ring Around the Rosie! 

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