Thursday, June 30, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 24 and 25

Day 162 - someone likes coffee as much as her Mama <3 

Day 163 - Happy Half Birthday Paisley Jean!  You can read about this milestone HERE!

Day 164 - We took the girls to check out Safety Town.  Lacie will be spending two weeks here at a morning camp to learn all about safety! 

Day 165 - second week of St. Mark's Camp for Lacie!  She absolutely loved going to this camp everyday! 

Day 166 - 18 month old check up and "ice cream" for Paisley today!  She only needed one you can see by the bandaid on her little arm!

Day 167 - practicing her "Good Ship Lollipop" tap dance!  Almost recital time! 

Day 168 - these two girls are ready for Rio! 

 Day 169 - Special time with just the older two girls at Sesame Place! 

Day 170 - Checking out Uncle Corey's new car! 

Day 171 - Happy Father's Day to the best #girldad these three girls could ask for! 

Day 172 - #summersummersummertime 

Day 173 - snuggles with Daddy

Day 174 - and that's a wrap!  Lacie's last day of dance - year 2! 

Day 175 - Two Tiny Dancers ready for Dress Rehearsal! 

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