Thursday, June 2, 2016

#hiloskyeveryday2016 Weeks 19, 20, and 21

Day 126 - Does anyone else collect these Starbucks You Are Here mugs?  I love them!  

Day 127 - breaking out the summer PJs! 

Day 128 - I love TimeHop!  Exactly one year later and these two are always loving each other! 

Day 129 - Happy Mother's Day!  I am blessed to be their Mama! 

Day 130 - Happy Wife, Happy Life!  Pink Flowers! 

Day 131 - Blakely's play dough cake! 

Day 132 - a Paisley sandwich! 

Day 133 - Big, Middle, Little

Day 134 - Lacie's Preschool Field Day! 

Day 135 - Who recognizes these iconic steps?  Hanging out at Sesame Place today, and all summer long! 

Day 136 - No Seven Year Itch Here!  Happy Anniversary! On May 15, 2009 we said "I DO" and we still do seven years later! 

Day 137 - every morning <3

Day 138 - the newest mug in my collection! 

Day 139 - Lacie got to celebrate her August Birthday with a special "Summer Birthdays Celebration" at preschool!

Day 140 - a special Mommy/Blakely date called for cake pops at 10am! 

Day 141 - breaking out the water toys! 

Day 142 - when you ask Paisley if she's tired, she pretends to sleep!  It's hilarious! 

Day 143 - Paisley/Corey snuggles! 

Day 144 - Middle Sister, Little Sister 

Day 145 - I'm not sure if she has enough stuffed animals in her bed #yesshesleepswithallofthem

Day 146 - Lacie's Lunch Bunch Tea!  This was the end of her extended day preschool program! 

 Day 147 - Kindergarten meet and greet for the kids and orientation for the parents! 

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  1. i See you're a gymboree fan like I am... love all the sweet summery smiles!



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