Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mommy Monday: Tiny Dancers

It's a Mommy Monday on a Tuesday!!!

On Sunday John and I headed to AC on our very first overnight date away from the kids!  So I am a day late with this post, but I just could not wait until next Monday to share!

We got our dance pictures back and they are AMAZING! 

We headed to the girls' dance studio two weeks ago for these pictures!  Lacie was up first, and at this point she's a pro!  
Last year she was in her ballet shoes and tights, this year it's tap shoes and ruffle socks!  Lacie is in love with her Hot Pink outfit!  She was silly and smiley and loved every second of pictures!

Next up, it was Blakely's turn.  She was a bit more serious when taking her pictures (this is very true to her personality).  She absolutely loves her costume as well because it reminds her of Cinderella - her very favorite princess! 

And then it was time for them to take pictures together!  My heart just melted seeing the two of them standing together in their sweet dance costumes!

And of course just for fun I had to compare Lacie's picture from last year to her picture from this year!  I actually couldn't believe how much she has grown in this side by side! 

Next I had to put a picture of Lacie and Blakely side by side!  My girls first dance pictures!

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